Men’s national ice hockey team to compete in Euro Ice Hockey Challenge

 The Korean men’s national ice hockey team, led by coach Kim Woo-jae, starts the 2023 season schedule.

‘Kim Woo-jae-ho’, who left for Italy on the 5th to participate in the Euro Ice Hockey Challenge for the first time in 4 years since 2019, will make his international stage debut against Hungary on the 9th (Korean time).

South Korea’s men’s ice hockey is currently ranked 21st in the world, while Hungary is 20th.

Then, on the 10th, they will meet Europe’s strong Slovenia (19th) and on the 12th, Italy (17th), the host country of the 2026 Winter Olympics, to compete.

A total of four teams will participate in the 2023 Italy Euro Ice Hockey Challenge, play a league match, and determine the rankings by points.

Coach Kim Woo-jae, who took over the leadership of the national team in August of last year, said, “I prepared for this tournament with 토토사이트an attitude of self-confidence and self-confidence.

He added, “We will use this competition as an opportunity for young players to grow so that they can harmonize the new and the old at the upcoming World Championships.”

Instead of HL Anyang’s veteran players, Kim Woo-jae-ho made up the national team with young and promising players.

Nam Hee-doo (HL Anyang), who recently gained recognition in entertainment programs, joined the national team nine months after last year’s World Championships in Slovenia.

In addition, Hong Jung-wook (James Hong), who is playing an active role in the USHL, the top junior hockey level in the United States, will make his national team debut.

Hong Jeong-wook, who wore the Taegeuk mark at the age of 18, said, “I had a dream of becoming a national team member since I started playing hockey. I did not give up to show the strength of Koreans while competing with big players abroad.” I want to become a new energy for the national team, just like I created a new wind.”

Then he said, “I will try to become the first North American Ice Hockey League (NHL) player of Korean nationality.”

In addition, young strikers such as Jeon Jeong-woo and Lee Jong-min of HL Anyang, who are leading ice hockey in the Asia League, and Lee Chong-min, who play in the Swedish league, will be on the hunt for points.

On the defense line, young HL Anyang defenders such as Oh In-gyo and Song Hyung-cheol are teamed up with college players.

Goalie Lee Yeon-seung (HL Anyang), who has returned from military service, and college player take turns taking turns.

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