Man City 1-1 Man United half time, Man City taking the lead in 13 seconds vs Man United Bruno PK equalizer

Man City scored the opening goal in 13 seconds in the first half. United scored an equalizer in the 32nd minute of the first half. The FA Cup final is fiercely unfolding.

Manchester United and Man City finished with a 1-1 draw in the FA Cup final held at Wembley, London, England on the afternoon of the 3rd.메이저놀이터

Both teams put together the best squads. Manchester City started with Ortega, Walker, Dias, Stones, Gundogan, Harlan, Grealish, Rodri, The Bruiner, Bernardo and Akanzi. De Gea, Lindelos, Bruno, Rashford, Eriksen, Fred, Casemiro, Baran, Shaw, Sancho and Wan-Bissaka are on for Manchester United.

The first goal came in 13 seconds. Ortega goalkeeper kicked high. Halan dropped it with a header. The Bruiner linked this back to the header. Gundogan shot straight and shook the net.

Man City continued to drive Man United. Manchester United relied on counter-attacking. In the 15th minute, Sancho got a chance. However, it was blocked by Walker’s defense. 17′ This time, Manchester City turned the ball in midfield. And the pass came in. Halan threw himself and shot. blocked by the goalkeeper In the 20th minute, Haalan received the ball with his back. and hit it Hollan even hit the shot. slightly crossed the goal.

In the 28th minute, Manchester City exchanged the ball in midfield. The Bruiner hit a mid-range shot. It missed the goal slightly.

A 30-minute variable occurred. Referee Paul Tierney called VAR. It was the situation just before that. The ball came to Wan-Bissaka. Visakha’s header hit Grealish’s hand. The referee called for a penalty kick.

Bruno attempted a kick. connected with a goal It became a tie. It was 32 minutes in the first half.

After that, they clashed violently with each other. But there were no goals. The first half ended in a 1-1 tie.

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