Los Angeles Angels owner open courtship “I want to hold on to Ohtani”

Major League (MLB) Los Angeles Angels owner Arte Moreno hoped to retain Ohtani Shohei (29), a leading star ahead of a free agent (FA).

According to ESPN’s report on the 9th (Korean time), owner Moreno expressed his wish, “I hope that Ohtani will remain with our team until the final season according to the contract” in an interview held at the MLB owner meeting held in Palm Beach, Florida, USA. .

Ohtani, who has been playing for the Angels since 2018, will qualify as a free agent after the 2023 season ends. A lot of people are interested in the future of Ohtani, who has grown into a superstar representing MLB with a two-time job.

Although he has one year left on his contract, there are prospects that Ohtani will move to another team through a trade this summer. In the midst of this먹튀검증, it is interesting that the owner of the Angels publicly made a statement that he wanted Ohtani to remain.

“I want to protect Ohtani,” Moreno said. “He’s a unique and great guy. He’s also one of the most popular baseball players in the world, and he’s an international star. He’s a fun guy who always works hard and builds a good rapport with his fans.” highly valued.

It is unknown whether Ohtani will remain on the team despite the owner’s courtship. Ohtani has expressed the opinion that “I want to play for the championship” in public several times before.

It means that he wants to play in a team with a championship history, but unfortunately, the Angels are unable to make it to the postseason every time they have superstars such as Mike Trout and Anthony Landon. This is why the possibility of Ohtani’s transfer is high in the local area.

In the end, the Angels need to produce outstanding results this year in order to increase Ohtani’s chances of staying. “We have to win, we have to do better on the field,” Moreno stressed. When asked about the negotiations with Ohtani, he avoided direct answers, but said, “I want to say that we have a good chance (for us) as well as other teams.”

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