‘Like an Alien’ Alves also makes his prison football debut, even signing an inmate

 Daniel Alves (40, Brazil) imprisoned for sexual assault is known to have played soccer in prison.

The British media’Daily Star’ quoted a report from the Spanish media’La Vanguardia’ on the 31st (Korean time) and said, “Alves played football while he was imprisoned in prison.”

Alves has been imprisoned in Catalunya’s Bryans 2 prison after being arrested on sexual assault charges 10 days ago. He was charged with sexually assaulting a woman in the bathroom of a nightclub in Barcelona at the end of last year. 먹튀검증

Alves denies the crime, but his wife has deleted all memories of Alves and him from her personal account. Mexico’s UNAM Pumas, his team, also terminated the contract with Alves, saying that he had “acted to damage the club.”

Alves seems to be adjusting well to his incarceration as he struggles to prove his innocence. It is news that Alves played football in prison. It is rumored that the prisoners had high expectations to see the play of Alves, who had been on the World Cup stage until recently.

Just as Ronaldinho, who was called an alien in the past, took part in a football competition held in a Paraguay prison after becoming a criminal suspect for a forged passport, Alves walked the same path in disgrace. Alves is known to have worked hard to sign autographs for prisoners.

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