‘Lee Dae-ho Retirement Ceremony General Command → Busan Seagull Resurrection’ Meet the main character who set fire to the wild heart

October 8, 2022 was the saddest day for Lotte Giants fans in the last 5 years.

‘Heart of Busan’ Lee Dae-ho retires. Lee Dae-ho ended his career as a player with a more passionate farewell than anyone else.

There is a person who directed the retirement ceremony of Lee Dae-ho, who was praised by all baseball fans. Seon Yu (27) from the marketing team of the Lotte club.토토사이트

Bae, whom I met at Sajik Stadium in Busan, is a female employee who has been with the company for 4 years. But her skills are recognized in-house enough for her to take over her main duties on the club’s marketing team. He is a member who leads the ‘Young Lotte’ emphasized by Lotte Group Chairman Shin Dong-bin.

His main job is to prepare for various club events, such as cheering squad-related work and the first pitcher. The launching ceremony in Gwangalli, which was held ahead of the opening, was also the work of Mr. Bae. She is also a leading figure in the revival of ‘Busan Seagull’, which is called the national anthem of Busan. CEO Lee Kang-hoon personally took care of it, saying, ‘Be sure to introduce your name.’

She is from Seoul, where she graduated from the Department of Visual Arts. He once worked as an intern PD at a broadcasting station, but changed his career path to marketing. In his eyes, baseball is a general marketing dinosaur. Among them, Lotte is a team famous for its overwhelming fan spirit.

He was an active sports fan enough to participate in the campus sports magazine during college, but he said he didn’t know much about baseball until he joined the company.

“Wouldn’t the baseball team’s marketing be different from other jobs? I wondered. There are many corners to challenge, so I’m having fun working. I’m learning baseball and the Busan fan spirit hard.”

2023 is a ‘rebranding’ year for Lotte. From the recruitment of three free agents to the contract extension of a native ace, the amount of money spent on four players alone is 26 billion won. The visual identity (VI), including the logo and uniform, was also changed.

The starting point was Lee Dae-ho’s retirement ceremony. It was the first step to prepare for a new start after ending an era.

“I personally went to the All-Star Game to check if there were any overlapping content, and carefully watched the retirement ceremony for Na Ji-wan (KIA Tigers). I hoped that it would motivate me to ‘I want to do it’.”

One last piece of the puzzle was needed. It is the ‘Busan Seagull’ that has not been heard since 2017. In fact, he has never actually heard the creepy Busan seagull chorus of 30,000 spectators called ‘Sajik Karaoke’.

“The fans’ longing for Busan Seagull was very great. I saw a lot of them singing without an amplifier on set. You haven’t been able to support for a while because of Corona 19. Since our team is also starting anew, I thought it could be an opportunity. “

I prepared step by step right after the end of last season. Together with cheerleader Cho Ji-hoon, he visited composer Shin Dong-hoon, the original composer of Busan Seagull, four times. He solved the misunderstanding with the Lotte club and appealed to the fans for the ‘Busan Seagull’ in various ways. In particular, Director Cho’s sincerity, “If there are no Busan seagulls, I, Jo Ji-hoon, will lose my meaning”.

The reaction of the fans who met at the scene on the 12th was also explosive. Jeong Min-joon (34), who was a member of the cheerleading squad when he was a student at Gyeongnam High School, said, “I always felt sad in a corner of my heart. I wanted to. A song that connects Lee Dae-ho and Hwang Seong-bin as one,” he said happily. Gong Ji-bin (46), who has been a Lotte fan for 30 years, welcomed it, saying, “It reminds me of memories from my school days. ‘Busan Seagull’ is the heart of a Lotte fan.”

The baseball world has a lot of worries about ‘new influx’ according to the aging fan base. Lotte is no exception. Bae’s breakthrough is activating the fan community. He laughed, saying, “There is a popularity vote on the official app, and Lee Hak-joo and Hwang Seong-bin are the undisputed first and second players. Their preferences are quite different from the existing fans.” Efforts to lead Busan boys and girls to baseball fans through the ‘Dream of Ground’ event are also ongoing.

“Isn’t close fan service the secret to Lotte’s popularity? I think the distance between fans and players is the closest, and the team has good skinship. I want to make this year a year for our team to win championships and marketing as well.”

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