Lee Chun-soo, the most courageous ‘soccer man’, “Is it a matter of amnesty, why do you decide among yourself?”

‘Soccer man’ Lee Chun-soo, one of the members of the ‘World Cup semi-final legend’, uttered bitter words about the ‘surprise amnesty’ of the Korea Football Association (KFA). It was a ‘courageous’ remark in an atmosphere where the majority seemed to be reluctant.

On the 31st, Chun-Soo Lee uploaded a video of about 4 minutes on his personal YouTube channel ‘Chun-Soo Lee’. He strongly criticized the KFA for suddenly pardoning 100 soccer players who had been disciplined for negative issues such as match fixing.

“Football that the people are looking for again.온라인바카라 I also feel joy on the playground. But why is KFA doing a trick in the place created by active soccer players…. Me?

“I am a soccer person. I don’t know how much I love it, but I like soccer. And what soccer needs is a fan. But now, the fans are trying to throw away soccer. I was alone, so I could just scream, but now I have a family and I’m looking for a daughter.”

“Still, what should the juniors do? I was suddenly hit. Football fell down again. I put it up hard, but it’s easy to fall. It’s a situation that the fans don’t understand. It’s embarrassing. I hope (KFA) chooses well at the temporary board of directors. I don’t want to lose even one fan.”

In the past few days, when the KFA’s decision was relatively less vocal, Lee Chun-soo delivered a heavy word ‘like a soccer player with conviction’.

Meanwhile, KFA has decided to hold a temporary board meeting at 4:00 pm on the 31st. Faced with a huge critical public opinion, it entered a reexamination three days after the announcement of the’amnesty measure’. The current KFA is a ‘worst image’ that can’t even make a clear decision.

After a while, attention is focused in the football world on what the temporary board of directors will announce.

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