Kwon Soon-woo, the secret to his unstoppable rise?

Kwon Sun-woo (84th, Dangjin City Hall), a Korean tennis player, advanced to the semifinals of the men’s professional tennis (ATP) tour in three months, driving the momentum of beating the world’s 15th ranked player.

Kwon Soon-woo defeated Michael Emmer (77th, Sweden) in the quarterfinals of the singles ATP Tour Adelaide International 2nd Tournament (total prize money: $642,735) held in Adelaide, Australia on the 12th. He won the set 2-0 (6-1 6-2).

It is the semifinals of an ATP tour event for the first time in three months. Soon-Woo Kwon reached the semifinals at the Japan Open in October last year.

In particular, Kwon Soon-woo caused a stir by catching the second seed in the tournament the day before. In the round of 16, he won a come-from-behind victory over Pablo Carreño Busta (15th, Spain) with a set score of 2 to 1 (3-6 6-4 6-4).

This is the first time Kwon Soon-woo has defeated a player ranked in the top 20 of the ATP Tour world rankings. Previously, Kwon Soon-woo’s highest ranker was Alex Deminor (Australia), who ranked 23rd last year. He also defeated Luca Fuyu (France) in 2019 and Dusan Rayovic (Serbia) in 2020, which was ranked 24th at the time.

That’s proof that Kwon Soon-woo is on the rise. It is an analysis that he is seeing results as his steady efforts and experience accumulate.바카라사이트

TVN sports commentator Park Yong-guk, who was in charge of relaying Kwon Soon-woo’s round of 16, pointed out, “It is the result of the accumulated experience of dealing with top 10 players while consistently maintaining a ranking in the world’s top 100 since 2019.” I gained confidence by winning Felix Oze Aliasim (Canada), who was ranked 13th at the time, and Dminore at the Japan Open.”

Changes and efforts for development are not neglected. Along with steady weight training, Kwon Soon-woo changed his racquet this season. It is a racket from brands such as Jeong Hyeon, who became the first Korean to reach the semifinals in singles at a major tournament at the 2018 Australian Open, and Casper Ruud (Norway), who won runner-up at the French Open and US Open last year.

It seems that he has improved his pitch with a racket that suits him better. Commissioner Park said, “Kwon Soon-woo competed with top-class players with his forehand stroke, but his odds were somewhat low in strong serves.” On this day, Kwon Soon-woo was ahead of the ace with a serve of 207 km/h at a maximum speed of 5 to 1, and the attack success was overwhelming at 20 to 6.

The opponent in the quarterfinals on the 13th is Jack Draper (40th, England). Kwon Soon-woo was the opponent he lost 0-2 in the first round of the Adelaide International singles finals last week.

The semi-final match between Kwon Soon-woo and Draper will be broadcast live on tvN Sports from 2:30 pm on the 13th with commentary by Commissioner Park. It remains to be seen if Kwon Soon-woo will continue his momentum, avenge last week’s defeat, and finish the Australian Open’s prelude in a good mood.

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