Kwon Chang-hoon returns to Suwon…’Kwon-Chang-hoon-Kazuki-Seung-bum’ the strongest Jungwon ever?

Matan Boys’ eldest brother Kwon Chang-hoon’s return to Suwon is imminent.

In June, Kwon completed his military service and joined One Element’s Suwon team, but until then, his heart was set on Europe, and he was particularly keen on returning to the German scene.

In the process, he also parted ways with his agent, who had been with him for over a decade since his professional debut. Kwon tried to make a move to Europe with a local agent abroad, but no offers came his way.

바카라사이트Of course, the European transfer market is not yet finalised, and some leagues, especially in Portugal and Turkey, are still open until September, but Kwon has reportedly made up his mind to stay at Suwon.

The team has even made room for him in the locker room and has arranged accommodation for him.

Kwon is currently nursing a foot injury and is working on rehabilitation, but Suwon officials say he is very motivated to return.

With Suwon currently languishing in 11th place in the league, the return of ‘Technician’ Kwon to the squad will give them a boost in their relegation battle.

Especially with the midfield combination of Japanese midfielder Kazuki and Ko Seung-bum having been revitalised and playing better than they did earlier in the season, Kwon could be the final nail in the coaching coffin for Kim Byung-soo’s ‘bottle ball’ football.

Kwon is expected to make his comeback in front of the Suwon fans in late August at the earliest.

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