“Kim Min-jae, compared to the worst player”… Italian legend’s ‘self-reflection’

 Legendary Italian defender Fulvio Colovati praised Min-jae Kim for turning negative public opinion into his skills at the time of his recruitment. 

Italian media Area Napoli reported on the 24th (Korean time) that Kolovati praised Kim Min-jae, saying, “Colovati responded by asking how he could have said such a thing to Kim Min-jae.” 

Kolovati is an Italian legendary defender who played in Serie A for 17 years from the 1970s to the early 1990s. He played for AC Milan, Inter, Udinese, AS Roma, and Genoa, winning one Serie A title and one Coppa Italia title. occupied the back. 

He also played in 50 A-matches for the Italian national team and contributed to Italy’s victory by participating in all matches at the 1982 World Cup in Spain.

According to Area Napoli’s report, Colovati said of Kim Min-jae, “There was a reporter who compared Kim Min-jae to William Prunier. I didn’t even know who Prunier was,” referring to the media’s excessively negative reaction to Kim Min-jae’s메이저놀이터 recruitment. 

William Prunier is a French defender who has played for Marseille, Manchester United and Napoli. 

He only played two matches for Manchester United, but he showed his worst performance and had a big impact on Manchester United’s 4-run defeat to Tottenham at the time. To this day, Prunier is consistently referred to as Manchester United’s worst player ever in England. Prunier was released after only 3 appearances in Napoli. 

Italian reporters seem to have expressed concern over Napoli’s recruitment of Kim Min-jae as a replacement for Kalidou Koulibaly, citing Prunier, the worst player in Manchester United’s history and Napoli’s dark history. 

On the other hand, Min-jae Kim, contrary to reporters’ concerns, immediately jumped to the starting lineup immediately after the transfer, and is currently evaluated as a leading player in the Naples league lead based on outstanding defense. 

The defenders compared to Kim Min-jae in the media have also changed to world-class defenders such as Naples legend Giuseppe Brucecolotti and Juventus legend Giorgio Chiellini, rather than Prunier.

While Kim Min-jae, who was compared to the worst player in Manchester United history, demonstrated the media’s concerns and criticism about him with his skills by showing off Europe’s top-notch skills, now Kim Min-jae this season is standing shoulder to shoulder with defenders of a certain high stature and is enjoying the season. It is expected that the finalization will become more important.

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