KIA, WBC trio “Catching two rabbits”

The professional baseball team, the Kia Tigers, is preparing for the season in the United States with the WBC team.

The three national teams of Kia participating in the World Baseball Classic, which will be held next month, are waiting for the opening of the tournament, aiming for the WBC semifinals and the team championship.

This is reporter Son Jun-su on the sidewalk.


Arizona, a desert area in the United States!

It is the WBC national team camp and the KIA’s training ground.

Kia’s left-hander Young-gun Eui-ri Lee, who achieved a double-digit multiplier last year, throws the ball powerfully toward the catcher’s mitt.

[“Okay, okay.”]

Uiri Lee, the youngest member of the WBC national team, is excitedly waiting for the stage lined with major leaguers. [Soundbite] Lee Eui-ri/KIA Tigers Pitcher : “My goal is to raise the status of Korean baseball, and

I hope I can be of the utmost help when I go out there.”


[Soundbite] Yang Hyeon-jong/KIA Tigers Pitcher : “When I went to the WBC and finished the season with good grades, I have high hopes that such good energy will come to my team.”] Dropped from the WBC team in

2017 Na Seong-beom waited for this먹튀검증 competition more than anyone else.

[Soundbite] Na Seong-beom(KIA Tigers Outfielder) : “As much as I represented the country, I will prepare well so that I can produce really good results with the players. I will (prepare) so that I can present better results to the fans than last year.

” Three members of KIA, the core of Tuta!

He is sweating hard while aiming for two rabbits: the WBC Semifinals and the Kia Championship.

This is Son Junsu from KBS News.

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