KIA is not the only major league team… This is the real reality Shim Jae-Hak faced

The KBO League is relatively free to move between the 1st and 2nd teams compared to the major leagues. Major league players have minor league veto rights, and young players also have minor league options. When a certain number of options are exhausted, the player’s status must be changed, so this option must be used very carefully and strategically.

On the contrary,먹튀검증 in the KBO League, there is no option for players to go to the second team like in the major leagues, and players can move freely as long as there is no re-registration restriction period of 10 days. So, many teams actively change their first-team entries to manage the condition of first-team players or to test the skills of second-team players. However, there is one team that is an exception this year, and that is KIA. Compared to other teams, there is little change in entry.

Except for the very beginning of the season, when the entry movement is strategically active, KIA has only a handful of 1st and 2nd group movements. Since April 17th, KIA has only touched the first team entry twice. On April 23, Yoo Seung-cheol went down to the 2nd division and Jang Hyeon-shik was registered in the 1st division. After that, there was no change for a long time, but on May 14, there was a small change that Joo Hyo-sang went down and Shin Beom-soo was registered.

By the way, Jang Hyun-sik was rehabilitating as the team’s Pilseungjo pitcher. He had already planned to come up once he was in rehab. In other words, it means that KIA made only one entry change during the month.

The low number of entry replacements can be interpreted in several ways. It is positive in the story that there were no injured players among the main axes. Some of the top teams have a solid composition that they don’t have to touch the entry if there are no injuries. When the team is on a winning streak or when the team’s performance is good, there is less need to change the entry. However, KIA is somewhat lacking in these relevant matters. The winning rate is also below 50% (.452), and recently it has lost 5 times in a row. But it didn’t move.

Uploading players who perform well in the Futures League once per team can be helpful in motivating the players in the 2nd team and heightening tension among the players in the 1st team. However, it should be a 2nd team player who is ready to the end. Considering that there is no need to rot a good player in the 2nd team, the thoughts of the KIA 1st team coaching staff can be interpreted as the perception that ‘a player who is clearly better than the players in the existing 1st team is not suitable for the 2nd team’. As this is an internal evaluation, there may be something that the outside does not know.

▲ KIA coach Kim Jong-guk ⓒKIA Tigers

The conservative viewpoint of the KIA 1st team coaching staff, who are stingy with drastic changes, is also a problem, and there is a lack of players with the justification that must be raised in the 2nd team. In fact, there are not many players currently bombing the Futures League stage in the KIA 2nd Army. Those players were already poor players in the first team or were evaluated by the coaching staff to some extent. In the process of becoming rigid, there is a possibility that Group 1, who cannot receive new energy, will have a hard time as Army 1, and Group 2 will have a hard time with each other due to lack of motivation.

Apart from the change in the first team entry, this means that the KIA training system is not functioning properly. In particular, the current KIA has a problem of lack of energy in the catcher and fielder. However, in the second group, there is no alternative. KIA Ya Su-jin is getting older without realizing it, and there are not enough players who can hope for further growth. For this reason, it is not a problem right now, but the seriousness of the problem must be accepted in that it can afflict KIA for the next two to three years.

It is also a cold reality facing the new team leader Shim Jae-hak. At the time of his appointment, Shim announced that he would melt into the KIA organization as quickly as possible and have as many conversations as possible about the management of the 1st team, while at the same time he announced that he would pay more attention to the 2nd team in Hampyeong. This is because nurturing is essential to becoming a strong and sustainable team. He even expressed his desire to introduce the position of farm coordinator. Nurturing is not something that can be done in a short period of time. It remains to be seen what solution can be used to solve the problem.

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