‘Jo Won-hee’s team + remaining king’ Wigan happened… 4th Delayed payment of wages → refusal of training ‘Road to downfall’

Wigan Athletic, which once had a reputation as the ‘remaining king’ in the English Premier League (EPL), is repeating an endless decline.

As of the 38th round of the English Championship 안전놀이터(Part 2) in the 2022-2023 season, Wigan is at the bottom of the 24 teams with only 7 wins. With 8 games left, the gap with the remaining rights widened to 8 points. It is a plate that has to be played in the third division again next season.

Wigan have shown a sluggish appearance this season in terms of performance, enough to fall behind the relegation zone. In the beginning of this month, he was punished with a 3-point deduction. The reason for the disciplinary action is ‘non-payment of wages’.

The EFL (England Football League, Divisions 2-4) issued a disciplinary action against the Wigan club for “not fulfilling their club obligations” after failing to pay wages on time a total of four times in the past nine months.

Finally, the players stood up. The players released a statement on the 24th saying that their February wages were two weeks overdue, and that the unpaid wages were unacceptable. He also refused to practice on the day. The players, led by Tottenham defender Stephen Caulker, even used the expression “disrespect” towards owner Talal Al Hamad.

In response, Al Hamad, owner of Bahraini, said: “As stated in the club statement dated March 10, delays have occurred due to cash flow problems. We guarantee that this will not happen again. We must build trust again. “he said.

Wigan were once a fixture in the EPL. He was promoted to the first division in the 2004-2005 season and stayed until the 2012-2013 season. Steve Bruce, Roberto Martinez, etc. made Wigan a ‘team that does not fall’, and Cho Won-hee also played from 2009 to 2011.

However, since being relegated in 2013, they have not even come close to the EPL for 10 years. Around 2020, the pocket situation became increasingly difficult. Al Hamad, the owner of Wigan, took over Wigan in 2021 and saw a brief moment of light, such as promoting a team from the third division to the second division in one season, but soon financial problems caught up again.

In January, coach Kolo Touré, a former Manchester City defender, was sacked due to poor performance after two months in office, and now coach Sean Maloney, a former Wigan player, is leading the team.

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