‘Jesus OUT’ Arsenal, pay close attention to Trosar…Compete with Tottenham

Arsenal, who lost key striker Gabriel Jesus to injury, are keeping a close eye on Brighton’s Leandro Trossar. As Tottenham Hotspur is also interested in signing, it is expected that the North London derby will be fiercely unfolded outside the stadium.

Born in Belgium in 1994, Trossar, who joined Brighton in 2019 via Henk, is a winger with quick feet and shooting skills. Last season, he participated in 34 league games and recorded 8 goals and 3 assists, and is still active as a key winger. 토토

He has many advantages. He is good with his right foot, but is mainly deployed on the left, and is sometimes creative in an offensive midfield position. Based on sophisticated ball control, he advances by taking off the opponent’s pressure, and then connects a sharp forward pass. He tries a devastating dribble from the side and then produces an attack point with a sharp cross. Sometimes it is characterized by penetrating directly from the side to the center and scoring with a kick shot. Counter-attacking with his fast power is a strong point, and his line-breaking is also good.

He is naturally receiving love calls from big clubs. Since last summer, Tottenham has been interested and handed over an offer, but Brighton rejected it at the time. This time it’s Arsenal. Arsenal are currently leading the league, but their key striker, Jesus, is out with an injury and they need reinforcements in their attack.

Reporter Alex Crook of Britain’s ‘Talk Sports’ said, “Tottenham’s interest in Trossar is genuine, but there is no firm offer yet. Arsenal is also closely monitoring the situation, Chelsea are not interested.”

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