‘It’s okay to be slow’ Miley’s strong fight reminiscent of Ryu Hyun-jin

Milwaukee Brewers veteran lefty Wade Miley silenced the San Diego Padres lineup that day.

Miley led the team’s 1-0 victory with 4 hits and 8 strikeouts in 7 innings in an away game against the San Diego Padres held at Petco Park in San Diego, California on the 17th (Korean time). The average ERA for the season was brought down to 1.50.

On this day, Miley’s four-seam fastball speed was only 88.5 miles (about 142.4 km). 안전놀이터It was a ball that seemed a little slow to be called that of a major league pitcher.

Still, his average exit velocity on his fastball was just 89.7 mph. That’s why the San Diego hitters couldn’t touch it easily.

Manager Bob Melvin praised Miley’s pitching, saying, “I liked the combination of the cutter on the body and the changeup on the outside.” He praised the effective use of both pitches, the cutter and the changeup, saying, “After pushing the cutter roll (inside), I attacked with an outside changeup from the same lane.”

“He’s a veteran pitcher,” said Austin Nola, who went 1-for-2 in three at-bats against Miley. He threw the ball around well. He praised the opponent highly, saying, “The speed change was good as he threw outward to the body.”

Kim Ha-seong, who took one hit in the second inning, said, “I’m not a pitcher with a fast ball, but I had good control,” and expressed his feelings about dealing with Miley.

He said, “I threw well in every corner and used the left cutter and outside changeup. He moved the ball well and threw it off the line. He seems to have made the hitter think a lot,” he said, describing the pitching of the opponent.

He continued, “If one of the curveballs goes well, the other one falls out a little, but today both are controlled. I showed a slow slider here, and it felt like an 88-90 mph fastball was coming in all the time.”

As a left-hander, it was a pitch that overlapped Ryu Hyun-jin’s appearance in that he used the changeup and cutter evenly even at slow speeds. Ha-seong Kim also agreed, saying, “I think it feels like I’m throwing fastballs one by one as the left and right corner work is good.”

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