‘It’s not worth taking’ the serious downfall of the dream of the second LeBron

It’s really hard to know where to go now. The position is getting smaller and smaller.

‘ESPN’ reported on Ben Simmons of the Brooklyn Nets on the 6th (Korean time).

Simmons was considered the overwhelming No. 1 candidate in the draft and was actually named first in the draft. He had an unbelievable wide field of view, passing ability, and speed for his 208cm tall, and his athletic ability was also excellent. He seemed to have even a star castle. Not a few people called him the next LeBron James.

After entering the NBA, there were criticisms about his mindset, but Simmons’ move was solid. He was named an All-Star in his substantial sophomore season and won a five-year maximum contract. Philadelphia has become a strong team in the Eastern Conference with Simmons, and Simmons has become the best defender being discussed as a candidate for Defender of the Year.

But Simmons couldn’t cross an먹튀검증y more walls. His fatal weakness, his shooting power, was hampered by his ability to shoot, and he was greatly reduced in attack. The opponent made him smaller by attacking him with an intentional foul maneuver. Philadelphia fans threw stones at Simmons, blaming him for the playoff failure, and he asked the team to trade him.

Simmons, who refused to play for a fine, was traded to Brooklyn in February last year. There are also many expectations that Simmons, who plays with Kyrie Irving and Kevin Durant, will create a synergistic effect. 

But this time, injuries were the problem. Simmons ended last season without playing a game after the transfer due to a back injury. Ahead of the playoffs, news about his return continued to come out and made fans look forward to it, but he did not return.

Simmons, who was committed to rehabilitation after back surgery, pledged to revive this season. However, he is experiencing a serious decline in his performance. Simmons, whose scoring has been cut in half, is averaging only 7.4 points, 6.5 rebounds and 6.4 assists this season. 

Considering that he is a star with a maximum salary, his performance does not live up to his reputation. Perhaps because of his long hiatus and the aftermath of his injury, his strong point, his defensive power, has also noticeably declined. Even though he himself is also aware of it, his aggressiveness in his attacks is also not easily seen. It is not uncommon for him to miss a game due to an injury. 

“Ben Simmons has missed several games recently with knee pain, and Kevin Durant is not happy with Simmons at all,” said Christian Winfield, Brooklyn reporter for the New York Daily News. . 

After sending Kyrie Irving, Brooklyn wants to continue its win-now mode with additional power reinforcements. Except for Durant, all players are tradeable. Simmons, who has fallen into trouble, is no exception. 

However, it is not very easy for Brooklyn to get the deal they want with Simmons as the goal. There are no suitable teams to take Simmons, the maximum salaryman with mental and health issues. Simmons’ contract runs through the 2024-2025 season.

ESPN’s Bobby Marks gave a sober assessment that “Simons’ trade value in the current league is at a level that is not at all.” Even if Brooklyn wants to sell Simmons, it may not be easy for a club to get him. 

First of all, it is Brooklyn that continues to be connected to Toronto with a package including Simmons. In order to strengthen his power while sending Simmons, it is expected that a number of first-round draft picks will be introduced. Simmons, who was called the next LeBron James, was put on a thorny road.

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