“It just doesn’t fit Man United’s style”… The ‘132.6 billion’ defender is still outstanding

 Will Manchester United’s Harry Maguire (30) be able to recover his game?

Chris Wheeler of the British media 메이저사이트‘Daily Mail’ said on the 22nd (hereinafter Korean time), “Maguire is still good enough in the Premier League and England national team. But he needs to leave Manchester United.”

Excluded from the starting lineup this season, Maguire made the worst mistake of late. This is because he provided an excuse to concede a goal in the second leg of the Europa League quarterfinals against Sevilla.

On this day, Manchester United conceded a goal in the 8th minute with a fatal mistake by David de Gea and Maguire. De Gea passed to Maguire, who was near the penalty mark, and when two Sevilla players pressed hard, Maguire handled the ball from the side and flowed to the Sevilla player. Sevilla’s Youssef Ennesri quickly got the ball and scored the winning goal.

“There was a prospect that manager Eric ten Haag could let go of up to 17 players this summer,” said Wheeler. It became clear,” he said.

“This is not the first time Maguire has had problems. He is a solid and traditional centre-back, but he never seemed comfortable in Ten Haag’s system.”

“The 30-year-old Maguire needs a team where he can start and he’s still great. He has to leave Manchester United,” he stressed.

Maguire is a center back recruited by Manchester United for a transfer fee of 80 million pounds (approximately 132.6 billion won) four years ago. He was entrusted with the duty of Manchester United’s defensive ace as the main center back of the England national team.

However, it fell far short of his expectations. His frequent mistakes were the cause of conceding points, and he had many injuries. After the appointment of manager Ten Hagh, he was pushed back even in the main competition.

Maguire has appeared in a total of 28 games this season. He started only 7 of 13 Premier League matches. He is not getting his chance, behind Rafael Varane and Lisandro Martinez. It’s safe to say that he has little influence on the team.

That is why he may decide to transfer for more opportunities. In particular, his contract ends in June 2025. The stage to begin discussions on contract renewal and transfer has arrived.

In particular, Maguire’s position is expected to be narrower because he made a fatal mistake in the match against Seville. The British media’Express’ also predicted that “Maguire will be for sale this summer.”

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