Is it the MLB version of Lotte? Shock 9 consecutive losses, 1st place → 4th place… The hope factor is the highest, but the actual return is imminent

The Lotte Giants of the KBO League, which ran 9 consecutive wins at the beginning of the season and climbed to the top spot alone, are in the process of falling in June. It is only 5-13 (.278 win rate) in June, including two four-game losing streak. As the ranking also fell to 4th place (32 wins and 30 losses), the theory in the baseball world that ‘a team that will go down goes down’ is raising its head again.

There is a similar team in the American Major League. It’s the Pittsburgh Pirates. Pittsburgh, which had 6 consecutive wins from the end of May to the beginning of June following 7 wins in April, led the National League (NL) Central District until the 16th. 1 starting pitcher Mitch Keller, giant cannon center fielder Jack Swinsky, and super utility Bae Ji-hwan performed well, breaking expectations of the lower ranks before the season and achieving better-than-expected results.바카라

However, from the 14th to the 22nd, the rankings suddenly fell from 1st to 2nd and 3rd to 4th as they suddenly fell into a 9-game losing streak. Although the NL Central District is in a mess, Pittsburgh’s performance is also rapidly shaking to the extent that it went down 3 places in the rankings in just 5 games.

In the meantime, the gap with the Cincinnati Reds (40 wins and 35 losses), which rose to the top spot in the district with 11 consecutive wins, widened to five games. In a situation where the wild card fight is difficult, winning the district is the only way to go to fall baseball, but it doesn’t seem easy at the current rate.

Pittsburgh’s fall is largely due to injuries to key players. While shortstop O’Neill Cruz underwent surgery on a fractured left leg after nine games and was out in the first half, pitchers Colin Holderman (wrist), Jose Hernandez (calf), and Rob Jastrizny (forearm) were recently on the injured list. Also, center hitters Brian Reynolds (waist) and Andrew McCutchen (elbow) are also missing recently.

That void is clearly showing up in the game. According to ‘’, the team’s batting average was only 10.603 with 3 scoreless losses during the recent 9 consecutive losses, which was directly connected to the slump in the batting line. His batting average in scoring position is less than 10% at 7.8 li. The relief ERA was also 9.62, and the bullpen completely collapsed. “Every team is struggling with injuries,” Pittsburgh coach Derek Shelton said. There is no excuse. We are testing our depth right now.”

The hopeful news is that first baseman Choi Ji-man (32) is about to return to action. Choi Ji-man, who had not been able to play since April 14, was placed on the 60-day injured list after an Achilles tendon injury in his left foot was confirmed on April 20. He’s nearing completion of his two-month rehab, and soon he’ll start rehab at either Double-A Altoona or Triple-A Indianapolis.

According to the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, Pittsburgh sports medicine director Todd Tomchik said, “I expect he will need five to seven games of rehabilitation. The most important thing is for Choi Ji-man to regain his timing. His comments and feedback are invaluable to Shelton’s manager and staff as they keep tabs on the status quo.”

Choi Ji-man, who was traded to Pittsburgh from the Tampa Bay Rays in November of last year, was sluggish with a batting average of 102.5 (4 hits in 32 at-bats), 2 homers, 2 RBIs, and an OPS of .469 in 9 games this season. He was not without injury repercussions. Choi Ji-man, who is recording a batting average of .237, 63 homers, 227 RBIs, and an OPS of .767 in 495 games in 8 seasons in the big leagues, can expect average batting productivity unless he is injured. In Pittsburgh, where the batting line stagnates for a long time, only Choi needs the strength.

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