In the 18th hole, a birdie this time, Bae Sang-moon, who made up for his mistake 8 years ago, “I wanted revenge”

‘I succeeded in revenge 8 years ago.’

For Bae Sang-moon 온라인카지노(36), Jack Nicklaus Golf Club Korea is a place full of regrets.

It was during the 2015 Presidents Cup. In the single match play on the final day, the international team dramatically tied the score and took the opportunity to draw for the first time in 12 years. The fate of the international team depends on the outcome of Bae Sang-moon, the final runner.

Bae Sang-moon, who was dragged by Bill Haas of the United States by one hole until the 17th hole, sent his second shot to the front of the green at the 18th hole (par 5). Haas’ ball fell into the greenside bunker. Bae Sang-moon was in an advantageous situation to win the hole, but a mistake came out on the third shot. He tried to put the ball close to the hole with his approach, but made an absurd mistake of hitting the ground, and eventually lost by two holes, giving Haas a hole. The international team’s chance to draw was also blown away.

On the 28th, Jack Nicklaus Golf Club Korea in Songdo, Incheon. In the second round of the second round of the DP World Tour Korea Championship Presented by Genesis (total prize money of $2 million) held in Korea for the first time in 10 years, Bae Sang-moon stood again on the 18th hole (par 5), where he suffered a bitter pain eight years ago.

Bae Sang-moon sent the ball to the front of the green with her second shot. It was almost the same as where it fell 8 years ago. The distance to the hole was about 30m, and he attacked the hole with a bump and run (an approach technique in which the ball is dropped on a hill in front of the green to slow it down and stop the ball quickly) and hit the ball 80cm away. This time I didn’t make a mistake and connected with a birdie.

Bae Sang-moon looked back on the day’s game and said, “The 18th hole at Jack Nicklaus Golf Club Korea is the ‘Bae Sang-moon’ hole.” I said to my caddy, ‘I need to get revenge today’. The shots were similar, and I had a lot of thoughts about the old days.”

Bae Sang-moon, who made up for his mistake eight years ago with a birdie, made 3 birdies that day, but made 4 bogeys and finished the game first with a 1-over-par 73 and an interim total of 2-under-par 142. The expected cutoff was even par, virtually confirming advances to the finals.

Bae Sang-moon said, “Today was the best weather this week, and I was so ahead of my heart, but I couldn’t keep up with my expectations.” did.

Rain is predicted on the 29th, the third day of the competition. The battle for the lead is expected to be fierce on Moving Day, when a full-fledged battle for ranking takes place after the cutoff is set.

Bae Sang-moon said, “I think the rain forecast is rather good news for mid-level players,” and “I want to prepare well and do well until the moving day and the final round. I think I know the characteristics of this course better than anyone else, so I will do my best.”

Bae Sang-moon, who won 12 wins on tours in Korea and Japan and advanced to the PGA Tour, won two victories at the Byron Nelson Championship in 2013 and the Open in 2014 before enlisting in the military. After his discharge, he returned to the PGA Tour but has never regained his former form. For the past three seasons, he has not had many opportunities to play on the PGA Tour, so he has been on the Korn Ferry Tour at the same time.

Bae Sang-moon said, “I plan to focus on the PGA Tour without being active on the Korn Ferry Tour, and I plan to participate in the Asian Tour International Series to maintain my performance.” He revealed his plans for this season.

As of 3:10 p.m., the second round is in progress, and the lead is a mess. Antoine Rosner (France), who reduced 9 strokes in the first round, failed to reduce the number of strokes until the 7th hole, while Park Sang-hyun reduced 3 strokes to the 11th hole, closely following him by 1 stroke.

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