‘I’m jealous of Naples’ No. 1’… Where are the clubs aiming for ‘simultaneous recruitment’ of Kim Min-jae and Ohsimen?

Napoli is leading the ‘storm’ in Italy’s Serie A.

Napoli are currently top of Serie A with 47 points. The gap with 2nd place AC Milan is as much as 9 points. On the 14th, they defeated Juventus, the strongest player in Serie A, 5-1 and received worldwide attention. As long as there is no change, Napoli’s victory seems certain. Local media are also reporting that Napoli’s victory has been confirmed.

There are many factors behind Napoli’s blast, but two can be defined as key players. In defense, there is Kim Min-jae, who became the best defender in Serie A. 카지노사이트

In attack, Victor Osimen is indispensable. He moved to Napoli in 2020 and is a killer who scored 10 or more goals in 3 consecutive seasons. In particular, he has scored 12 goals in the league this season and is running for the top spot in Serie A.

The core of the defense and attack that is responsible for Napoli’s first place. A club that wants to sign these two players at the same time is attracting attention. That’s Manchester United in the English Premier League. He wants to bring the power of No. 1 Naples to Manchester United.

Kim Min-jae is steady, so there are rumors of a transfer to Manchester United. It was pointed out as the most influential replacement for Harry Maguire, and there was even a report that Man U and Kim Min-jae had a secret meeting in Naples. Local media continues to convey that Manchester United has a will to embrace Kim Min-jae this summer.

And Manchester United are yellow to Osimen. The timing is the same coming summer as Kim Min-jae. Italy’s ‘Il Mattino’ reported: “Man United are looking to sign Osimen. United are eager to sign their best striker this summer. They recently signed Boot Verhost on loan, but he is not a long-term option for United.”

The media added, “The 24-year-old striker, who scored 12 goals this season, is the most ideal front-line striker for Manchester United. Manchester United are preparing to sign a contract with Osimen in the summer.”

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