“If only (Kim) Min-young did the same…” The feelings conveyed by Seo Han-sol, a hidden bestie

 “I think it would have been better if (Kim) Min-young was with her sister.

” Wonri Resort defeated Welcome Savings Bank by a set score of 4-3 and won its first championship.

It was different from the expectation that the ‘defending champion’ Welcome Savings Bank would easily win the championship again this time.

The momentum of Blue One Resort caused a sensation from the beginning. He passed only the first game, but took the 2nd, 3rd, 4th, and 5th games and ran fiercely. Due to the advantage 1 win of Welcome Savings Bank in the previous season, they missed the championship right in front of their eyes. I had to wait a full year to get this award. 

That’s why the team league award is more meaningful than the individual tour award. Kang Min-goo said in an interview after the game, “I feel better because I can only receive this award once a year.” 

Zapata won the Finals MVP. Zapata made a record of 8 wins and 2 losses in the finals alone, and finally became the protagonist of the prize money of 5 million won. In addition, in doubles, the win rate was 100%. Of course, Zapata is not the only real MVP. Super ace Throng Piabi also ran fiercely with 7 wins in the 2nd to 5th games. 

Objectively, the team was able to win because the aces such as Zapata, Kang Min-goo, and Throng were very active.

However, there was another game that deeply instilled the spirit of victory in the team members, ‘I must not lose’. It is a 9-7 victory made by Seo Han-sol and Kim Min-young in the women’s doubles match in the second set of the third match.

They were two of the weakest players in the team, and there were many expectations that they would be at a disadvantage in the confrontation with Kim Ye-eun. In the team league, it is considered that the atmosphere of the 2nd set women’s doubles match should be well obtained to bring the momentum to an advantage.

However, Seo Han-sol’s 6 high runs miraculously made in the second half of the game overturned the enemy’s will to pursue스포츠토토. Although they had already won the 2nd game, Blue One Resort ignited and ran more with this game as their starting point.

At that time, Hansol Seo visited the interview room with a happy expression after the game. He thought that he would have been happy with the high run of 6 points, but he gave an unexpected impression.

“It’s better to bring victory with (Kim) Min-young unnie, but it was a pity that a good opportunity didn’t come to unnie, I hope unnie can do something like this in the finals.” 

Doubles is a game played by two people, not alone. He ended the game by running alone in a fortunate situation, but his words showed sincere consideration and affection for his partner. Unlike Seo Han-sol, who is a veteran, Kim Min-young joined the team through draft less than a year ago. There is still so much to show. 

Hansol Seo is also always researching and thinking. He is evaluated as a weak player in the team, but he wants to be stronger.

He said, “I have a notebook where I write down what I practiced on a daily basis. It’s a good way to practice one batch for several hours, but I think it’s good practice to hit many batches repeatedly.” It’s always been a burden to my heart, but if you’re happy to see me progressing, it will be a good synergy to stand up again in the future.”

Team leader Eom Sang-pil also said, “It’s different when other players win the set and when (Kim) Min-young and (Seo) Han Sol-i win. The two players are our team’s vitality and plus.”  

On the other hand, Blue One Resort players who lifted the first trophy in the founding will now compete in good faith with cues in the ‘SK Rent-A-Car World Championship 2023’, the king of kings. The World Championship will be held from March 2nd to 11th. 

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