“I will make up for the shortfalls during the camp period”… Samsung failed to win first practice game

Victory is never easy.

The Samsung Lions, led by coach Park Jin-man, suffered a 3-game losing streak by losing 0-7 in a practice game against Chunichi held at Chatan Stadium in Okinawa on the 12th. .

Samsung: Kim Sang-min (center fielder) – Kim Yeong-woong (shortstop) – Koo Ja-wook (designated hitter) – Kim Tae-hoon (left fielder) – Kim Jae-seong (catcher) 바카라사이트– Gong Min-gyu (3 baseman) – Yun Jung-bin (right fielder) – Cho Min-seong (1st baseman) – Kim Jae-sang (2nd baseman) ) formed the starting batting order. The starting pitcher is Jang Pil-jun.

As before, the selection was shaky. Jang Pil-jun gave up 1 run in 2 innings, and Yang Chang-seop, the third pitcher, also gave up 2 runs in 2 innings. The batting line also ended scoreless, leaving a disappointment.

It was comforting that Jo Min-seong, who was the 8th hitter and first baseman, scored two hits.

After the match, Cho Min-seong said, “In the previous game, the timing was late, so Park Han focused on practicing timing with the coach. I think the defense is still lacking, so I try to practice more and focus. During the camp, I will try to make up for the lacking parts and meet the season.”

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