“I want to become a national representative like my sisters!”… Korea’s present and future met

“I want to become a national representative like my sisters!”

Small height around 130~40cm, small voice, hands like ferns. However, he throws fastballs easily. Even the ‘national team’ who were watching them exclaimed, “Wow!”메이저사이트

On the 17th, the ‘Women’s Baseball Festival 2023’ was held at the Cheonan Life Sports Baseball Stadium. The best event of the day was a joint practice match between the Korean women’s baseball team and female players from the little baseball team and the junior women’s baseball team.

Lee Bit-na (right), catcher of the Korean women’s national baseball team, approaches and encourages Sejong Angels’ Seon Joo-ha (grade 6) after an inning.

The team was divided into blue and white, with a mix of national team members and youth and junior female students. The starting pitcher for the back team that day was Sejong Angels pitcher Seon Joo-ha (6th grade). National team pitcher Kim Bo-mi, who was in charge of daily coaching of the back team, boldly selected the youngest as a starter. Kim Bo-mi smiled and said, “There should be more rising stars than falling stars.”

Seon Joo-ha, who took the mound amid cheers like the deterioration of her older sisters, fought back in the meticulous lead of national team catcher Lee Bit-na, who worked together. Seon Joo-ha, who is shy, said, “I was so nervous when I threw the ball in front of the national team members. She intends to continue playing baseball and become a national representative,” she said.

Son Dan-ah, a 5th grade elementary school student playing in Little in Gwangsan-gu, Gwangju, is fighting back in the national team x child girl event.

The blue team went strong. From the start, the back team pushed hard. When they succeeded in scoring a lot, the blue team made Choi Ji-an (grade 4) of the Seongdong-gu little baseball team and Son Dan-ah (grade 5) of the Gwangsan-gu little baseball team, Gwangju, one after another.

Choi Ji-an, who worked hard on the ground with his small hands and feet, said, “It is so fun. I want to come again.” He smiled. Son Dan-ah has a relationship with KIA Tigers outfielder Choi Hyung-woo. He is a friend who often plays with Choi Hyung-woo’s son. Son Dan-ah, who often comes to watch the KIA Tigers game, exclaimed boldly, “My goal is to play baseball harder and become a national team member!”

Choi Ji-an (4th grade, left), a little girl in Seongdong-gu, is preparing to play at first base. On the right is Kim Bo-mi, the national team member.

They grow up and become the national baseball team of Korea. There is a precedent. Infielder Choi Dre (16), who was first selected as the national women’s baseball team in 2023 and won a bronze medal at the ‘Asian Cup (BFA)’ held in Hong Kong, said, “I thought they were so amazing and cool when I saw the national team sisters when I was a little girl. It was only I also really wanted to wear the Taegeuk mark uniform at that spot. But now that I wear that uniform and even went to the international competition, I feel really new.”

Choi Dre said, “I already have enough young and girl friends who show the qualifications of the national team. (Seon) Juha is a 6th grader in elementary school, and I was surprised by how fast the ball was. I think I’m doing better than when I was that age. I have enough skills now, so I hope to continue playing baseball in the future and play for the national team together.”

The future of Korea collided. Gwangju Gwangsan-gu little Son Dan-ah (5th grade) and Sejong Angels Seon Ju-ha (6th grade) face off.

The Korean women’s national baseball team defeated Hong Kong on the 1st and won the bronze medal at the ‘2023 Asian Cup (BFA)’. The younger sisters are also encouraged by the older sisters’ propaganda. Seon Joo-ha and Son Dan-ah smiled shyly, saying, “I kept checking the Asian Cup match results.”

The national team players risked life and death in this Asian Cup. It is feared that if it goes sluggish, it will become an obstacle to the revitalization of women’s baseball. Fortunately, he advanced to the Super Round and obtained the right to advance to the World Baseball World Cup (WBSC) to be held in Canada/Japan in early August. The players held a practice match with young girls with a much lighter mind for this day.

Kim Na-won (middle school), who is playing baseball at B Little in Dalseo-gu, Daegu, surprised the national team members with her dynamic pitching posture. Trainer Bang Soon-jin, a former national team player who watched Na-won Kim’s pitching, raised his thumb, saying, “His posture is very dynamic.” Cheonan

National team pitcher Kim Bo-mi said, “First of all, young and girl friends are so cute. I feel it every year, but every year I see new prospects. That’s why I feel that the future of women’s baseball is very bright.” Kim Bo-mi said, “If I want to play for the national team with Juha (now a six-man line), I think I will have to reverse my announcement of retirement from the national team at the end of this year,” she laughed heartily.

National team catcher Lee Bit-na said, “Every year the skills of young girls increase, but the age group gets younger and more girls start playing baseball. The future is very bright.” National team infielder Lee Ha-hyung said, “If you start playing baseball at such a young age, the basics are good. I’m also envious When I was young, I never thought about playing baseball. I hope that these friends will continue to receive support and not let go of baseball

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