“I miss Lee Young-pyo” ‘Gangwon firefighter’ Choi Yong-soo’s sudden resignation…Is it because of poor grades?

K-League 1 Gangwon FC sacked coach Choi Yong-soo.

On the 14th, the Gangwon club decided to put down the baton regardless of the remaining term of office through a meeting with manager Choi Yong-soo, and announced on the 15th.

Director Choi, who took the baton as the savior of Gangwon, which was in danger of relegation in 2021, ended his two-year partnership with Gangwon. Coach Choi’s contract period lasted until the end of this season.먹튀검증

What is the circumstances behind Director Choi’s sudden resignation? Analysts around him say that despite his lack of grades on the outside, internal problems that he couldn’t talk about caused ‘angry’.

First of all, it is known that Gangwon decided to resign coach Choi because of poor performance. As of the 18th round of this season, Gangwon is in 11th place in the league and is in danger of relegation.

Director Choi is known to have recommended resignation from the club, not ‘voluntarily resigning’ due to his poor performance. Coach Choi’s Gangwon gave Gangwon soccer fans a memorable ‘drama’ for the past two years. In the last 2021 promotion playoffs, everyone around them considered it impossible, but they dramatically led them to remain in the first division.

It was Choi who was appointed as the new command tower of Gangwon, which was in crisis at the time. After that, the 2022 season was truly a drama-like time for the provincial club Gangwon. Gangwon, who was busy staying in the first division, produced a miracle of surviving in the top split, surprising Gangwon soccer fans as well as the soccer world. In this process, the emergence of young player Yang Hyeon-jun and the rediscovery of Kim Dae-won were at the center of Gangwon’s soccer revival.

However, in the 2023 season, Gangwon could not avoid the path of decline. After CEO Lee Young-pyo, a former legend who led Gangwon, a provincial club, with a new management concept left at the end of 2022, CEO Kim Byung-ji took over as the new head, and the’power of Gangwon’ began to lose.

To make matters worse, Gangwon’s Dino, who returned from injury as expected, did not recover his level, and as Lee Jeong-hyeop left due to a long-term injury, Gangwon fell into the poorest scoring team and was at the bottom of the league.

While the club’s support fell short of the representative Lee Young-pyo’s system, the existing resources were on the decline, so the lower ranks in the 2023 season were a predictable result.

It seems that coach Choi, who led the ‘resurrection of the relegation zone-the myth of the 6th round of the 2022 season’, was unable to overcome the responsibility for the manager’s fate and poor performance.

The Gangwon club held a countermeasure meeting on the afternoon of the 14th and faced the worst situation in which coach Choi was asked to resign during the A-match break. In fact, coach Choi is known to have received an unexpected “hard” notice from the club while performing his usual supervisory duties, such as concentrating on preparing measures for the team’s rebound, including measures to reinforce players during the A-match break.

Judging from the fact that the club announced a breakup with coach Choi on the morning of the 15th and announced the successor coach Yoon Jung-hwan at the same time, it proves that it has been preparing for ‘hard work’ from a long time ago.

‘Eagle’ Choi Yong-su led FC Seoul in its heyday, and when FC Seoul was in danger of relegation, he returned and played the role of ‘firefighter’. Afterwards, he appeared as a new firefighter in Gangwon, which was in danger of relegation after spending his days as a savage, led the team to remain in the first division, and planted a foothold for revival in Gangwon’s football fever.

However, due to various bad news, the current performance this season was not as good as expected, and after CEO Lee Young-pyo left, he left Gangwon without being able to overcome the unspeakable internal dissonance.

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