I miss Kim Pan-gon, the disappointing Muller press conference

 It was a press conference that was too compared to that of Kim Pan-gon (53), former technical chairman. 

The Korea Football Association (KFA) said on the 27th, “We have appointed coach Jürgen Klinsmann from Germany as the new head coach of the national soccer team. The contract period with coach Klinsmann is about 3 years and 5 months from March to the 2026 World Cup finals in North and Central America.” announced.

Currently, there is a strong public opinion about the appointment of manager Klinsman. It is a critical public opinion that is understandable that it is not absurd. Coach Klinsmann was a great striker during his playing days, and early in his coaching career, the German national team finished third in the World Cup. But now the situation has changed.

He failed more and more먹튀검증. He even resigned through social media with no sense of responsibility when things did not go well at the Bundesliga Hertha BSC Berlin, where he most recently took over as manager. Korean football fans wanted to explain why Michael Müller (49), the chairman, made such a decision to appoint Klinsman. This is why attention was focused on Chairman Mueller’s press conference this time. 

However, Chairman Mueller’s press conference was a disappointment itself. When asked about his seniority process, he only gave abstract, unrelated stories such as “I like Korea. I have good personality. I have leadership.” When reporters questioned him again, he came up with a practical story that reduced the number of candidates from the initial 61 to two. Even after that, reporters eagerly asked questions, but there were many stories that avoided the point. 

Of course, even if there is a critical public opinion and the press conference was wrong, coach Klinsman can do it well. However, considering the answer given by Chairman Mueller, it does not seem easy. 

This reminded me of the press conference for the appointment of coach Paulo Bento (53) by former technical chairman Kim Pan-gon. Aside from coach Bento’s lessons and lessons, the press conference was a press conference like a textbook for press conferences. 

In fact, coach Bento was also a manager who had a lot of criticism at the time of his appointment. He was sacked by a Chinese club, and he also had the downside of being away from mainstream European football after the Portuguese national team. 

However, Chairman Kim Pan-gon dispelled it. Why, he selected candidates through a certain process and explained the process in detail. He talked about what parts fit the philosophy of KFA and honestly appealed for practical difficulties. Fans who watched the press conference were able to support Bento. 

However, Chairman Mueller’s press conference was completely different from the press conference of former Chairman Kim Pan-gon. For an hour to blame the language, I only talked about non-core things. Fans’ distrust of Klinsman’s seniority can only grow. 

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