“I like the 155km goal, Ko Woo-seok.” ‘Bullpen Immediate Sense’ Incheon High School Kim Taek-yeon, 1R rises to the middle and upper ranks

On May 18, a big change occurred at the 77th Golden Lion National High School Baseball Championship. This is the reason why Incheon High School made Deoksu High School, the ‘candidate for the championship’, eliminated with a victory at the end of a great game by one point.

On this day,메이저사이트 Incheon High School allowed an early run in the first inning, but put “Ace” Taek-Yeon Kim on the mound immediately to prevent additional runs. Incheon High School, which started a counterattack, succeeded in a 2-1 reversal at the end of the second inning with shortstop Kim Joon-won’s two RBIs and timely hits at the chance of one out and second and third bases. In the following two-run opportunity, Kyu-Hyuk Han’s push-out walk even made an extra point.

On the mound, Kim Taek-yeon took charge of the mound for 5 innings. Following Kim Taek-yeon, who threw up to 58 pitches in consideration of the pitch limit, Cho Young-woo (2.1 innings, no hits, 4 walks, no runs) and Lee Seo-joon (1.2 innings, 1 hit, 1 strikeout, 1 walk, no runs) blocked Deoksu High’s strong batting line without giving up any runs.

Incheon High School pitcher Kim Taek-yeon is rapidly emerging as an upper-middle-ranking candidate for the first round. Photo (Mok-dong) = Reporter Kim Geun-han
In the last defense in the beginning of the 9th inning, Knockout and consecutive wildfires were in danger of a tie, but Incheon High School managed to secure a 3-2 victory by one point by inducing a grounder on 3rd base and a fly ball fouled by the catcher in the 1st 1st and 3rd base crisis. When the match was over, the players from Incheon High School, who caused the incident, rushed to the ground and radiated the joy of advancing to the round of 16 with loud cheers.

The player who caught the eyes of the club scouts who watched the game that day was, of course, Kim Taek-yeon. On this day, Kim Taek-yeon met the scouts’ expectations with 58 pitches, 3 hits, 3 strikeouts, and 1 run in 5 innings. Among the pitchers on both teams, only Kim Taek-yeon and Deoksu High School pitcher Lee Ji-seung were the only pitchers who did not have a pitch. Considering that Lee Ji-seung played only 0.1 innings, it can be said that Kim Taek-yeon showed off his strength, his control.

Kim Taek-yeon, who met MK Sports after advancing to the round of 16 at Incheon High School, said, “I am really happy to meet and win against a strong team, Deoksu High School. It is a team victory by uniting with all his teammates. To be honest, I wasn’t in perfect shape today, but since I was leaving from the first episode, I tried my best to complete my mission. As much as the coach believed in him, he tried to live up to that trust, and the results were good,” he said with a smile.

On May 18, Deoksu High School’s Kim Taek-yeon made a relief appearance against Deoksu High School in the second round of the Golden Lion, contributing to the victory with 1 run in 5 innings. Photo (Mok-dong) = Reporter Kim Geun-han
Kim Taek-yeon is in an atmosphere of rapid rise to the upper-middle ranks in the first round in the upcoming rookie nomination. As in the previous scout evaluation, clubs that need an immediate sense of power in the bullpen can be nominated sooner than expected.

Kim Taek-yeon said, “I can feel the newcomer nomination approaching little by little. In the past, my name didn’t appear in the articles, so I thought he was just that kind of player, but with the recent results coming out, I’m feeling interest in the articles and comments. I want to emphasize to the fans that he is a good pitcher with fast velocity and even control of his pitch. He prides himself on being able to perfectly play the role he is given. He recorded up to 152 km / h during the official race this year. He emphasized that his goal is to challenge up to 155 km / h.”

As much as he is evaluated as a next-generation closer, Kim Taek-yeon’s role model was also a closer. Kim Taek-yeon shyly confessed that he wanted to resemble Ko Woo-seok (LG Twins).

Kim Taek-yeon said, “If I had to choose a role model, I would like to talk about my favorite senior Ko Woo-seok. It is an honor just to be mentioned as a senior with a great fastball. At first, he was attracted to the closer, but since he threw long as a starter in high school, he feels the charm of a starter as well. He raised his voice, saying, “If he goes to the professional stage, he is confident that he can handle any task given to him well.”

A club scout who watched Taek-yeon Kim said, “When I see Taek-yeon Kim, Seung-hwan Oh and Woo-seok Ko come to mind. As such, he seems to have excellent potential to develop as a closer in the future. It will be possible to immediately sense the power of the first team bullpen next year. Although his size is small compared to the recent tall pitchers, he is basically a pitcher with both pitch and control. Following Lee Ho-seong last year, another good pitcher was produced at Incheon High School.”

Kim Taek-yeon, who has emerged as a candidate for the upper-middle ranking in the first round, said, “Last year, my goal was to be nominated in the first round, but as I received good reviews recently, I became greedy to be nominated in a higher order in the first round. I would like to emphasize to the scouts that he is a pitcher who can responsibly carry out his duties in each game without ups and downs. First of all, the goal is to go up to the highest level by focusing on one win and one win with colleagues from the upcoming Golden Lion Round of 16 match. The atmosphere in the team is so good that we will be able to aim for the championship,” he said with a smile.

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