‘I don’t have any money’… Barcelona eliminated from the Europa League → ’40 billion won’

Barcelona were eliminated in the second leg of the UEFA Europa League playoffs against Manchester United, and it was revealed that the economic damage caused by this would not be small.

Barcelona scored the opening goal against Manchester United in the second leg of the 2022/23 UEFA Europa League playoffs held at Old Trafford in Manchester, England on the 24th (Korean time), but lost two goals in the second half and lost 1-2. 

Barcelona, ​​who advanced to the UEFA Champions League this season, fell to the Europa League playoffs after finishing third in the group stage, but were also eliminated from the playoffs, ending this season’s European club competition schedule in vain. 

Barcelona were also eliminated in the Champions League group stage last season, and were eliminated in the Europa League after falling behind Frankfurt in the quarterfinals by a total of 3-4 in the first and second games. For two seasons in a row, they performed poorly on the European stage.

However, Barcelona’s elimination this time is not simply a matter of ending at the level of elimination. 

Spanish media Mundo Deportivo reported on the 24th (Korean time) about the financial blow Barcelona will suffer from the Europa League elimination, saying, “Barcelona has retreated economically from the European stage.” 

Mundo Deportivo said: “Barcelona have not been able to achieve the expected income they were hoping to earn from European club competition from their budget planned for this season. Barcelona based their budget on reaching the Champions League quarter-finals. suffered a loss of 26 million euros (approximately 36 billion won) in the club’s expected revenue.” 

He continued, “If they had good results in the Europa League, they could have recovered to some extent, but they did not make it through the playoffs. This has put Barcelona in a very poor economic situation, which needs money more than ever스포츠토토.” explained that it could. 

Mundo Deportivo emphasized that Barcelona’s earnings in Europe this season are clearly different from when they reached the semi-finals of the Champions League in the 2018/19 season. 

The media said, “Barcelona earned 70.58 million euros (about 97.8 billion won) in European club competition this season. amount” was estimated. 

Since that season, Barcelona have not reached the semi-finals of the Champions League not once in four years. 

Losing to Manchester United, Barcelona lost the opportunity to participate in a competition that could solve its financial problems this season, and the situation in 2021, when the team’s key Lionel Messi had to be sent out due to insufficient finances, is excluded from the possibility of repeating in the transfer market this summer. I couldn’t do it.

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