I didn’t even eat dinner, and I was poisonous… LG 1R Geopo Kim Bum-seok “As a catcher in Jamsil who hits 20-30 home runs every year”

 “I am building a body suitable for a catcher.”

Rookie catcher prospect Kim Beom-seok (19), who was nominated by LG in the 7th overall in the first round this year, doesn’t eat dinner these days. He thoroughly manages his diet while training jointly with rookies at LG Champions Park in Icheon. He has lost nearly 10 kg of weight since his nomination. He was 178cm and 95kg according to his official profile until last year. 

Kim Beom-seok said, “Honestly, there were some things that I didn’t think about body care as important when I was an amateur, but he came to the pros and is working hard on building his body with training coaches. I have a constitution that makes me fat when I eat, so I am trying to manage it by not eating dinner as much as possible,” he said. I want to lose a little more weight than I do now and increase my muscle mass to build a body that can run healthily.” 

The reason why Kim Bum-seok, who is receiving attention as a big shot prospect, doesn’t eat until dinner and focuses on weight management, is because he has a strong desire to play as a catcher. He said, “He must have a position before he can become a giant. So he can play. To be the catcher that I like, I have to be light and move quickly,” said Kim Beom-seok. 

I have a lot of attachment to the catcher’s mask, but Kim Bum-seok is definitely a hit. It’s also a long shot. Last year, when he was a senior at Gyeongnam High School, he played 25 high school baseball games with a batting average of 30.3 7 Lee (28 hits in 83 at-bats), 10 home runs, 31 RBIs, and a slugging percentage of .759. The 10 home runs is the most in a single year since wooden bats were introduced instead of aluminum bats in high school baseball in 2004.  온라인카지노

Kim Bum-seok said, “My biggest strength is my long hitting power. You can hit a home run,” he said. Even while using this baseball field, I want to hit about 20 to 30 homers every year to instill in the fans the perception that I am a big four hitter.” There are only three catchers who have recorded more than 20 home runs using Jamsil Stadium as their home: Doosan Yang Eui-ji (4 times), LG Kim Dong-soo (2 times), and Jo In-seong (1 time). In 2010, LG Jo In-seong recorded 28 homers, the highest record, and there is no catcher with 30 homers in Jamsil yet. 

Regarding the secret of long hitting, Kim Bum-seok said, “I think I quickly learned the know-how while playing baseball with my father since I was 4 years old. He watched a lot of baseball with his father from the old days. My father also dreamed of becoming a baseball player, but he couldn’t because of an injury. He watched baseball every evening at 6:30. He taught me a lot of things from his father to the rules and what to do depending on the situation. Back then, he was honestly bored, but thinking about it now, it’s a time I’m thankful for. Thanks to his father, he thinks he is in the process of becoming a good player.” 

Beom-seok Kim’s dream is to become a player who gives as much as he receives. ‘National hitter’ Lee Seung-yeop, a former baseball scholarship fund established by Doosan coach Lee Seung-yeop, visited the foundation on the 22nd of last month to express his gratitude and put a sign on a large sign ball saying, “Chief Lee Seung-yeop, thank you for your help, and I will work hard in the future. He also left a message saying, “I’ll be there.” 

Kim Bum-seok said, “I received the first scholarship from the foundation while winning the Golden Lion last year. He said, “I wanted to express my gratitude while greeting you.” He said, “I received a lot of help from people around me while playing baseball. He pledged to become a good player by working harder to repay those who helped him and to show filial piety to his parents.

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