I can’t even go to Tottenham, but I can’t accept the EPL relegation zone…’Resolute rejection’

AS Roma striker rejected Bournemouth’s offer.

Britain’s ‘Sky Sports’ reported on the 28th that “Niccolò Zaniolo rejected the offer from Bournemouth.”

“Bournemouth went to Rome, Italy, and made an offer with a significant salary increase for Zaniolo, but it was rejected,” he added. “Roma were furious at this move.”

Zaniolo is evaluated as having the versatility to play both the side and the center, and to play the role of a striker along with the second line. 메이저사이트

Tottenham’s interest in Zaniolo has been steady. He pushed for recruitment by sending a love call last summer as well.

Tottenham were serious about signing Zaniolo. Head coach Fabio Paratici went to Rome and set up a negotiating table, but nothing came of it.

Tottenham again challenged the signing of Zaniolo. However, AS Roma rejected it, saying it did not meet the transfer fee criteria.

Zaniolo is positive about the transfer to Tottenham, but Roma is known to insist on the position that it can be given only if it meets the transfer fee standard.

In this situation, English Premier League (EPL) relegation zone Bournemouth approached Zaniolo, but he was nicely rejected.

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