Huge investment by a hitter with an annual salary of 30 million won, personal training in the United States for success

December and January are inactive periods in the KBO League. Players prepare for the next season by digesting individual training. Athletes with high salaries go to warm overseas countries and start to build up their bodies. On the other hand, low-wage players go to individual training close to home. 

NC Dinos infielder Oh Young-soo (23) made a huge investment this winter. Having received an annual salary of 30 million won last year, he moved to the United States and is undergoing personal training. He receives one-on-one guidance from The Ball Park coach Choi Won-je, who is well-known as the personal hitting coach of Kim Ha-seong, who is active in the San Diego Padres. 

Airfare, stay expenses, and other things cost nearly half of his annual salary, but he made a bold decision. He judged that his value could be recognized at the salary negotiation table if he achieved good results even if he spent a lot of money. 

The reason Oh Young-soo spends a lot of money on individual training in the United States is to upgrade his strong point, his batting ability. At the time of his joining, he was evaluated as a promising hitter, and he achieved the best results after his debut last year. He appeared in 83 games and completed a career-high season with a batting average of .  메이저놀이터

That’s not to say I’m satisfied. He decided that it was important to perfect his own striking mechanism, so he boarded a plane to the United States. It must be seen that there is a solemn resolution. 

Oh Young-soo does weight training in the morning so that he can properly use his strength when batting, and receives batting instruction from coach Choi Won-je in the afternoon. ‘Grandson of the wind’ Lee Jung-hoo (Kiwoom) and Kim Ha-seong are also preparing for the next season at The Ball Park, run by coach Choi Won-je. It is a good opportunity for Oh Young-soo to grow further. He is learning hard, sticking like a so-called gum ticket. 

Manager Kang In-kwon announced that he would appoint Oh Young-soo as first baseman this season. After his professional debut, Oh Young-soo, who is well aware that his best opportunity has come, has been training hard all winter long. Attention is focusing on what Oh Young-soo will show this season, who did not hesitate to invest only with his will to succeed.

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