How to use Bento and other Klinsmann’s SON… Free Roll + Center Arrangement 

Director Jurgen Klinsmann’s method for using Son Heung-min (31, Tottenham) was revealed.

The national soccer team led by head coach Klinsman drew with Colombia 2-2 with Son Heung-min scoring two goals in a friendly match held at Ulsan Munsu Stadium at 8:00 pm on the 24th, but conceding two runs. Coach Klinsman delayed his first victory in his debut against Uruguay on the 28th.

Son Heung-min scored 온라인바카라two goals and pleased coach Klinsman. Son Heung-min, who caught the ball in the center of the box in the 10th minute of the first half, reported his first goal with a kick with his left foot. He added a goal with his right foot this time from a free kick in the 45th minute of the first half.

With this goal, Son Heung-min achieved a new record (5 goals) for the most free kick goals in Korean football. In addition, with his 37th goal in A match, he surpassed Park I-cheon (36 goals) and jumped to third place with the highest score ever.

On this day, Son Heung-min dominated the game with skillful play, going back and forth between the center and the side, the 1st and 2nd lines, unlike the previous Bentoho days. It was excellent to move quickly without being limited to a fixed position or role throughout the game.

Except for the goal scene, he continued to show threatening shooting from the center, and depending on the situation, he also flew sharp kill passes toward other players who penetrated down to the midfield.

After the game, Son Heung-min said, “Whether I caught the ball or not, he told me to go out confidently and actively. Thanks to that, I scored two goals and created many good scenes. Football can be played. The players have to think well and score more goals,” Klinsmann introduced about football.

Manager Klinsman also explained, “Every time Son Heung-min scores a goal, I am very happy. He scored a goal and played a very good game. He scored two great goals. The role changed from the wing to the center, but he continued to rotate from the center to the side.” did.

In future games, it seems that we will continue to see Son Heung-min, who starts in the center with a free roll and moves to the side, front, second line, and midfield. Coach Klinsman said confidently, “I will continue to use Son Heung-min as a free role.”

It was only coach Klins who kept Bentoho’s frame as much as possible, but for Son Heung-min’s appointment, he maximized his effect while guaranteeing central placement and free movement. Attention is focusing on whether SON, who plays as a free-roller, can continue to play an active role.

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