‘How to soothe a frustrated Choi?’ Pittsburgh general manager: Absence from WBC will help him in the long run

Pittsburgh Pirates general manager Ben Sherington began to appease Choi Man-man, who was not allowed to participate in the WBC.

General Manager Sherington said on the 11th (Korean time), “Choi Man-man will be disappointed, but he will understand.”

Director Sherington appeared on a podcast that day and explained the background of the decision not to allow Choi Ji-man to participate in the WBC.

“Jun Choi underwent elbow surgery earlier this offseason and that was planned after his season ended with Tampa Bay. We knew that at the time of the trade. We have a rough idea of ​​what his recovery will look like in 2023,” Sherington said. ” He’s on a recovery schedule, but it hasn’t been a completely normal offseason.”

“It’s not uncommon for teams to have some concern about participating in the WBC when players go through something like that in the offseason,” he said.

Choi Ji-man underwent surgery in온라인카지노 November, just days before being traded to Pittsburgh. He’s been recovering well lately and practicing batting, but Pittsburgh wanted to proceed cautiously. However, Choi Ji-man was disappointed with Pittsburgh’s decision.

Sherington also said, “Sometimes you can be disappointed and understandable. Both can be true at the same time.” “He is a lovely Korean. He has a personal attachment to the Korean national team. The Korean team will play a tournament that fans are interested in. I completely understand.”

He hopes, however, that Choi’s absence from the WBC will help him in the long run. Choi Ji-man will become a free agent at the end of this season.

“We want to put him in the best position to have a successful season,” Sherington general manager said.

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