Hong Myung-bo vs Amano ‘Jeonbuk transfer’ truth game

“I’m sorry and shocked.”

Japanese midfielder Jun Amano (32), who recently changed to a Jeonbuk Hyundai uniform after leaving Ulsan Hyundai for the K League 1 in professional football, said this. He said at the Jeonbuk Hyundai Clubhouse on the 12th, “I fought as a team member to win the Ulsan championship for the past year, and I was shocked to hear coach Hong Myung-bo’s remarks through yesterday’s article, and I was disappointed, not disappointed. My wife said she was sorry too.”

It was a counterattack after Hong Myung-bo (54) Ulsan coach publicly criticized Amano on the 11th, the day before, saying, “He was the worst Japanese player I have ever met.” Coach Hong expressed his dissatisfaction, saying that Amano, who contributed to the championship while playing for Ulsan last year, lied about money while leaving for Jeonbuk, his rival on the 6th.

Amano said, “Coach Hong is the coach who brought me to Korea, and I think of him as a comrade with whom I won the championship after 17 years. He still respects him and considers him a gift,” he insisted, “but director Hong said that he was a ‘liar’ and ‘transferred by choosing money’, but this is completely untrue.” 바카라사이트

On this day, Amano even brought a Japanese interpreter to explain the transfer process. He said, “We simply talked lightly about the (extension) contract from last summer, but the club’s offer came only in mid-November of last year, two weeks after returning to Japan. At that time, my mind was already leaning toward Jeonbuk.”

He also said, “It is true that I told Director Hong that I would stay in Ulsan, but I was embarrassed by the temperature difference between the Ulsan front desk and Director Hong. He expressed his desire to remain with the Ulsan side, but he accepted, saying, ‘I have no intention of signing (with me)’. On the other hand, manager Kim Sang-shik and officials from the Jeonbuk club showed enthusiasm, and lease negotiations between Jeonbuk and Yokohama (original team) were made.”

In the end, the Ulsan club was passive in negotiating with Amano, and coach Hong Myung-bo thought that Amano would return. However, Amano moved the team in consideration of salary conditions. Amano repeatedly said, “Director Hong criticized (me), but he respects him as a gift.”

Jeonbuk and Ulsan, the representative rivals of the K-League, are expected to have a more heated confrontation in the 2023 season due to the Amano issue. Amano said, “Jeong Seung-hyeon (Ulsan defender) joked in Japanese and said, ‘Be careful. I made a decision and I am prepared for the Ulsan match. This year, I will work hard to compete for the Asian Champions League title with Jeonbuk players. I think the answer is to prove it with results in Jeonbuk.”

Jeonbuk coach Kim Sang-sik also said, “I respect coach Hong as the commander of the rival team. It seems that there was a misunderstanding between the two sides over the timing. I will try to prove it with Amano on the playground.”

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