Heo Il-young throws even if he doesn’t go in 7, the mindset needed for ‘growing pains’ Oh Jae-hyun

Seoul SK, which had reached the championship match, faced a crisis. After winning the first game, the series was reversed by giving up two games. In the 3rd game held on the 29th at Jamsil Student Gymnasium, SK led by 13 points before losing 70-81.

It was an even tougher match for SK Oh Jae-hyeon (24). He played for 10 minutes and 14 seconds, but was sluggish with no goals. Three 2-point shots and two 3-point shots all missed the rim. Confidence seemed to be waning as he continued to fail to score. It didn’t work for me. Even the coaching staff couldn’t have known this. Oh Jae-hyun, who played for more than 9 minutes in the first half, only played 44 seconds in the second half.

Jeon Hee-chul 온라인카지노(50) SK coach has one wish for Oh Jae-hyeon. He’s not asking for a lot of shots. It’s a confident mindset that says, “That’s about it, what if I don’t go in?”

There is a role model in the team to look at and learn from. It is veteran Heo Il-yeong (38). He is a league-level shooter who confidently shoots in any situation. Like a veteran, he was strong in big games. In six playoff games, he averaged 13.2 points and 2.2 3-pointers. In the first game on the 25th, he scored 10 points and led SK to victory.

Director Jeon Hee-chul explained, “Heo Il-yeong can shoot with confidence even if he misses 6 or 7 shots,” adding, “The reason is because he is a recognized shooter.” Next, coach Jeon said, “Perhaps because of the evaluation that Oh Jae-hyun doesn’t have a shot, his play shrinks if he doesn’t score. If he doesn’t score, he just needs to play another game. I forget. The next time I get caught, I worry about whether I should shoot or not, and even if I tell them not to hit and run, I keep hitting and going.”

Oh Jae-hyun has many advantages such as stormy dribbling and throwing hustle play, but has a fatal weakness of not being able to shoot. He is sluggish this season with an average of 6.6 points in the regular league and 3.3 points in the championship game. KGC persistently digs into these weaknesses and uses a sagging defense when Oh Jae-hyun catches the ball. Oh Jae-Hyun’s shot doesn’t go into the blatant strategy of the opponent who defends from afar, so confidence is inevitably lost.

But he has to overcome it. SK’s one-two punch Kim Seon-hyung (35) and Jameel Warney (29) are showing a somewhat disappointing appearance, but if Jae-Hyun Oh’s score comes to life, it will be a great help. Of course, it would be impossible to catch up with veteran Heo Il-yeong, who has gone through all the battles, at once, but if one or two shots are fired with confidence, the opponent will be caught off guard. You can also expect the effect of loosening the opponent’s pressure by limiting the help defense to Kim Seon-hyung and Warney. Heo Il-young, who was praised by the former director, is in charge of the role, but he is struggling alone. This is the reason why coach Jeon was very sorry for the injury of Choi Jun-yong (29), who can play inside and outside. There aren’t many options.

Surprise heroes appear in unexpected situations. Oh Jae-hyun can be the main character. He doesn’t have to be a shooter. Active defense and dedicated play to help teammates can be a stepping stone to team victory. All you need is ‘confidence’. It is important to get the past sluggishness out of your mind. Director Jeon sent his trust to Oh Jae-hyun, saying, “If only one bursts, he will do well.”

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