Grant returns and Lee Seung-mo is at the end of his rehabilitation… Pohang draws a complete drawing in April

Pohang Steelers draws a ‘complete’ in April.

Pohang finished March with 2 wins, 2 draws and no defeat. He is undefeated and is facing an A-match break. Pohang will meet Jeonbuk Hyundai in the 5th round.

In April, you can organize a ‘complete group’먹튀검증. Of course, defender Ha Chang-rae was sent off in the match against Daejeon Hana Citizen in the third round and received a two-game penalty. He is absent until Jeonbuk. Park Chan-yong fills a central defensive position without making any major mistakes.

And fortunately, Alex Grant appeared as a second half substitute against Gangwon FC in the 4th round and digested about 20 minutes. Grant settled in Pohang enough to play 27 league games last season. However, due to an injury, he could not complete 100% of the winter battery training. Grant is a left-footed center back who is good at building up and fighting for air supremacy. If Grant comes in, the Pohang defense can get more stability. It is a step to increase the playing time, but Grant’s joining is definitely a plus factor for Pohang.

Another welcome comeback. That is midfielder Lee Seung-mo. Lee Seung-mo was out for the season due to an ankle fracture in September last year. He went through a long rehabilitation, and he is in the final stages. Lee Seung-mo is a midfielder, but manager Kim Ki-dong also appointed him as a front-line striker depending on the situation. With Jeka and Lee Ho-jae this season, there is a high possibility that he will focus on the role of midfielder when he returns.

Lee Seung-mo’s utility and role are expected to be great this season. Last season, he was in good shape until he was injured. He has been upgraded to the point where director Kim Ki-dong acknowledges it. Moreover, Pohang is not rich in midfield resources with Lee Soo-bin (Jeonbuk Hyundai) and Shin Jin-ho (Incheon United) leaving. Depending on the situation, Shin Kwang-hoon and Park Seung-wook can be used as third-line resources, but their main positions are flankers.

Still, in Pohang, the existing combination of Kim Jong-woo and Oberdan is performing more than expected. The joining of Lee Seung-mo is expected to save the stamina of Kim Jong-woo and Oberdan and rekindle the three-line competition system. In addition, there is a way to maximize offensive talent by using Lee Seung-mo and Oberdan in the third line and raising Kim Jong-woo by one notch. Director Kim’s operational range is also expected to widen.

Pohang has a tough April schedule. Starting with Jeonbuk, we meet Ulsan Hyundai, FC Seoul, and Gwangju FC, which are creating a sensation. It is clear that April is a positive factor for Pohang as the injured return.

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