‘Goodbye Alba’ Barcelona say goodbye to the best left-back in history

Jordi Alba (34) is leaving Barcelona.

Barcelona announced on the club website on the 24th (Korean time), “Alba is leaving at the end of this season. His contract period is until June 2024, but we agreed to terminate it one year in advance.” The Spanish media ‘Sport’, which announced the breakup with Alba, expressed regret, saying, “The best left-back in Barcelona’s history is leaving.”토토사이트

Barcelona and Alba discussed the course of action throughout the season. We tried to reduce the size of part-time contracts because we had to sort out veterans and high-income workers. Barcelona gave Alba the authority to decide the future and heard the answer ‘I will leave’.

Alba joined Barcelona in 2012 from Valencia. For the next 11 years he played the left side of defense. He has played in a total of 458 games to date, boasting the 9th most appearances in club history. He contributed to 18 championships with 27 goals and 99 assists despite being a left fullback.

He has been gradually pushed out of the starting lineup this season. Of the 23 appearances in the Spanish Primera Liga, half were substitutes. He also played only two matches in the UEFA Champions League. The position where Alba played was taken over by 19-year-old Alejandro Balde, and it naturally became a generational change.

▲ Part-timer, Pique, and Busquets, who led the golden age of Barcelona, ​​all bid farewell at the end of this season.

Alba focused more on mentoring and leadership off the ground. However, this role did not allow him to remain at Barcelona. Alba wanted a new challenge in his twilight years and decided to leave Barcelona at the end of this season.

“With the retirement of Gerard Pique in November last year and the departure of Sergio Busquets and Alba, the best players in Barcelona’s history are no longer left,” said Sport, “now we need new leadership and invest in emerging talent.” I was looking forward to breaking up.

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