Good Much Talker’ Park Chan-ho “My story is long, but listen to it first”

Park Chan-ho, KBS WBC baseball commentator, wanted to be called ‘Good Much’ instead of ‘Two Much’.

The Korean baseball team finished 스포츠토토 the tournament with a victory over China in Group A of the 2023 WBC held at Tokyo Dome, Japan on the 13th. Korea was eliminated in the first round of the finals.

Park Chan-ho’s commentary was also very disappointed with the rather bitter results. “It seems that there will be no end to talking about regrets, but the participating players will be more hurt and bitter, and not only the players but the entire baseball community will have to feel the pain, think about change, and make efforts to develop in the change.” did.

In the ‘After Talk’, which was conducted on YouTube after the game, Park Chan-ho’s commentary also expressed his desire to think about the nickname ‘Two Much Talker’ once again.

When caster Lee Gwang-yong said, “It was a long talk like a two-much talker,” Park Chan-ho commentator said, “Now, you can’t call Park Chan-ho a two-much talker anymore. It’s long, but listen to it first,” he said, wanting to hear Ethan’s own story.

Then, when caster Lee Kwang-yong said, “Good Much Talker,” commentator Park Chan-ho said, “Since he kept saying that he was a Too Much Talker in the relay, people might think, ‘Ah, Too Much Talker’ while listening. Anyway, with ‘TGMT’, I asked for it to be two-much, good-much.”

On the other hand, Commissioner Park Yong-taek, who commented together at this time, sat in the middle and did not say a word, drawing attention with a contradictory appearance.

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