‘Goalkeeper’ Gimcheon U-18 ends the first half of the K-League Junior B with clear results

Kim Cheon Sang-mu The under-18 (U-18) team finished the first half of the K-League Junior B. He achieved results by producing certain goalscorers.먹튀검증

Kimcheon Sangmu U-18 (Gyeongbuk Beauty Arts High School) played a total of 11 games in the first half of the K-League Junior B 2023 National High Soccer League, which was held from March. Gimcheon has 3 wins, 2 draws and 6 losses with 11 points. In the first five matches of the league, they went undefeated with 3 wins and 2 draws, and took early points. In the match against Daejeon on March 25th, they achieved a great victory with 7 points and showed momentum in the early stages.

The momentum that seemed unbreakable began to shake in the last game against Cheonan on April 1st. After that, Kimcheon, who had been slowing down with consecutive losses, aimed for the 6th place until the end, but finished the first half of the league without being able to reverse the atmosphere.

However, Kim Cheon produced a clear goal scorer. My name is Seongmok Yoon in Gimcheon. Yoon Seong-mok scored a total of 8 goals and ranked 3rd in scoring in the league. In the match against Daejeon, which won a great victory on March 25, he scored 4 points and proved his decisiveness as a striker.

Kim Cheon Sangmu U-18 coach Park Tae-min said, “It’s a pity that we couldn’t achieve the top split, which was our goal in the first half of the league. He seems to have been unable to continue his early momentum as injuries continued to rise during the league. Through the first half of the league, I recognized the lacking part. The goal is to reorganize and take first place in the second half of the league.”

Then, to the players, “From winter training to Baekwoongi, Domin Athletics, and the first half of the league, we worked hard to look forward and run. Regardless of whether he wins or loses, he must have a strong mind and heart to achieve his goals and dreams as a soccer player.”

Sangmu Kim U-18 continues its journey through the 2023 K League Youth Championship in July and the second half of the 2023 K League Junior B. I am determined to show a different side of myself by reorganizing with goalkeeper Yoon Seong-mok at the center.

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