“From Uzbekistan to Thailand, I’m here because I’m desperate for K League”

Kim Bo-Yong returns to Korea after three years
New start with K League 2 Bucheon FC
“Best to promote my team to K League 1”

Kim Bo-yong performs the 온라인카지노“fight” ceremony that he will perform if he scores a goal. Bucheon FC

The YouTube channel ‘Uzbek Mercenary’, which has 45,700 subscribers, is full of videos that will make any soccer lover’s eyes glaze over. The owner of the channel is Bucheon FC’s Kim Bo-yong, who is known for his ‘unbreakable desire’.

We started our interview by asking him what he would like to post on his YouTube channel after returning to the K League of Korean professional soccer after a 10-hour long journey to Uzbekistan and Thailand and all sorts of hardships, including unpaid wages. Without hesitation, he replied, “Playing in the FIFA World Cup with the Taeguk-mark.”

In a recent interview with Maeil Business, Kim said, “As a soccer player, I want to finish strong despite a weak start, and I dream of covering my World Cup challenge as the last post on the YouTube channel Uzbek Mercenary.” “I survived my life in Uzbekistan and Thailand with the desire to return to the K League. The next goal will also be achieved with the same unbreakable desire.”

Kim, a graduate of soccer’s prestigious Sungkyunkwan University, joined the Jeonnam Dragons in 2020 and played in the K League. But the joy was short-lived. After his first season, he failed to get a contract extension and was faced with the prospect of retirement. Most players would choose to retire or turn to coaching at this point, but Kim was different. With a clear goal in mind – the Taekwondo crown – he hesitantly boarded a plane to Uzbekistan.

The Uzbek league was worse than expected. The travel time was much longer than in Korea, and there was no systematic training. That’s not all. He had to take care of his own meals and medical treatment. “I had to grit my teeth because there was nowhere else I could play except in Uzbekistan,” says Kim. Looking back, I can’t believe I made it through,” he says, adding, “I really wanted to play soccer, and I would make the same choice if I had to go back.”

After two years with FK Turon Yeypan in Uzbekistan, he found a new home with Chiang Mai FC in Thailand’s second division last year. He gave it his all as if it were his last, and it showed. With eight goals and five assists for Chiang Mai FC, Kim was on Bucheon FC’s recruitment radar. After being selected by coach Lee Young-min, Kim has been getting more and more playing time, and is slowly making a name for himself with his aggressive breakthroughs.

After four games in the Bucheon FC jersey, he said, “It was definitely different from the broadcast.” “It’s unfortunate that I haven’t scored an attacking point yet, but I gained confidence that my skills are working,” he said.

He’s ready to shake up the opponent’s goal. Travel YouTuber Kwaktube’s “fight” move. The Uzbekistan-born YouTuber, who has 1.64 million subscribers, said he hopes to make it his signature move. “I’m going to use the greeting from KwakTube, where he ends the video by shouting ‘thank you’ in Azerbaijani, as a goal celebration,” he said. “I haven’t shown it once yet, but I hope to do it as much as possible for the rest of the season. Please look forward to the fighting ceremony,” he emphasized.

He also expressed his determination to lead Bucheon FC to promotion to K League 1. He said, “My number one goal this year is to get my team Bucheon FC promoted. I will give my all for the team as they trusted me and chose me,” he vowed.

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