From Lee Eul-yong’s son to ‘FC Seoul Core’… “I am proud of the support of the fans”

Now, the term FC Seoul’s main defender is more appropriate than Lee Eul-yong’s (48) son. It is even favored by coach Ahn Ik-soo (58) to the extent that there is controversy among Seoul fans about overuse. Lee Tae-seok (21) of FC Seoul said, “It is difficult, but from the player’s point of view, I am very grateful. That’s why we have to make sure that the team can achieve good results.”

Lee Tae-seok, who is in his 3rd year as a pro, has played 먹튀검증 as a starter in 7 games (4 full-time games) and 1 FA Cup game since the opening of the K-League this season. Lee Tae-seok is the only player who started in all games including the FA Cup in Seoul. On the 12th, after playing 120 minutes including overtime in the FA Cup with Gimpo FC, he started again in the K-League expedition against Pohang Steelers in three days.

It is also difficult to see that he benefits from the under-22 (U-22) rule. This is because even when goalkeeper Baek Jong-beom (22) starts, he always takes the starting position. His K-League starts were 16 in 2021 and 19 in 2022, but he filled 7 games before even turning his first robin. After his debut this year, he is also on the trend of setting the record for the most starts.

In a phone call with this magazine, Lee Tae-seok said, “I think he can continue to play because the coach trusts me. It’s true that it’s hard because there are still matches, but I have to show a good image as much as they trust me and use me,” he said.

It’s not just in the training ground or on the ground. As a soccer player, I try to learn a lot from manager Ahn Ik-soo’s tactics. During this process, he is in frequent communication with Director Ahn. From the director’s point of view, Lee Tae-seok’s attitude of asking questions and learning is bound to look pretty.

Lee Tae-seok said, “As many tactical changes are made, there are many things to learn and it is fun. If there are difficult or incomprehensible parts, go first and talk to the director. The director also likes to talk about it, so we communicate a lot.”

The existence of his father Lee Eul-yong is the reason Lee Tae-seok has no choice but to work harder. It is true that, like the sons of other soccer players, he has been in the shadow of his father for a long time. The son knows very well that in order to get out of his father’s shadow, it is important to eventually establish himself. This is why the performance of Lee Tae-seok, who has grown into a core enough to start all games, is meaningful.

Father Lee Eul-yong is also helping his son with a lot of feedback. Lee Tae-seok said, “My father called me first these days and said he had a hard time. He tells us a lot about things that didn’t go well and feedback on the game. He smiled, saying, “It is so good that it is a great help and study.”

The goals for this season are focused only on team performance. It is a goal worthy of a Seoul youth graduate who went through Osan Middle School and Osan High School. He said, “Above all, the team’s performance comes first. As a defender, my personal goal is to lead the team to many victories without conceding a goal,” he said.

He continued, “I gain strength from the fans’ support, and I feel that much pride. So, I am preparing to be able to stand in front of the fans with good performance by overcoming difficulties and overcoming difficulties,” he said. “The weekend super match (Suwon Samsung match on the 22nd) is a very big game in the K League. We will prepare well so that Seoul fans can feel good.”

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