‘Forgot defeat’ Kim Eun-joong “I’ll finish with a smile!”

The soccer team, which participated in the FIFA Under-20 World Cup, started playing again, forgetting the defeat in the semifinals.메이저놀이터

Manager Kim Eun-joong and the players all agreed that they wanted to end the long journey with a smile.

The Italian match, which collapsed with a painful free kick, came as a huge wound to the players.

The record for advancing to the finals for the second time in a row was right in front of us, and it was the first loss in six games in this tournament, so the regret was greater.

[Soundbite] Lee Yeong-jun/National Under-20 Football Team : “It’s very unfortunate that I couldn’t score a goal as a striker, and I think I cried because I was so sorry.”] But the national team forgot yesterday’s tears and started running

again I did. [ Soundbite]

Kim Eun-joong/Coach of the Under-20 National Soccer Team : “You guys have done well so far, so we have to prepare with responsibility until the end.” The third place match, which will be held the day after tomorrow, is a match against Israel, the sensational team of this tournament, so I was determined not to be vigilant. Athletes dream of beating Israel to finish third and smiling on the podium.

Choi Seok- hyeon/Under-20 National Football Team : “It will be the last game, so I want to do my best and have fun and finish with a smile.” .

The national team is determined to prepare well for the last match and finish without regret.

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