Following the 1st nomination, is it the 1st rank cruelty… Seohyun Kim’s 155km flap of wings ‘Starting now’

The fantasy of 155 km is over. I stood in front of the cold reality. It starts now.

2023 KBO Rookie Draft 1st pick Kim Seo-hyun (Hanwha) faced a crisis before even making his professional debut. He caused controversy by posting curses at the coaching staff and fans on his social media account. After three days of probation, he apologized on the 11th (Korean time) at Bellbank Park, Mesa, Arizona, USA.

Kim Seo-hyun said, “I’m sorry. I’m sorry that the camp atmosphere seems to have been disturbed because of me. While I was alone, I reflected and thought a lot. It was helpful. I will become a player who doesn’t make the same mistake twice and doesn’t put pressure on the team. I’m sorry again.”

Kim Seo-hyun enjoys irregular pitching, freely adjusting the height of his arms on a fastball of 155 km. The prevailing prospect is that he will become untouchable if he masters the command perfectly. However, he showed that there is a lot of possibility of breaking down in factors outside of baseball.

Before and after the start of spring camp먹튀검증, there was anxiety about Seohyun Kim. While Moon Dong-ju, who joined the team as the last 1st nomination a year ago, was praised for his good personality, there was an opinion that Kim Seo-hyun should be watched. If not, he had an accident right away. Because of this incident, the Hanwha Spring Camp has become a virtual house of mourning.

As you know, Hanwha’s 1st nomination has been a lot of brutality recently. After the first nomination was revived in 2014, Hwang Young-guk (pitcher), Kim Bum-soo (pitcher), Kim Joo-hyun (pitcher, Guam), Kim Byung-hyun (pitcher), Seong Si-heon (catcher), Byun Woo-hyeok (first baseman, for KIA), Shin Ji-hoo (pitcher) ), Minkyu Jeong, and Dongju Moon (pitcher). And even Kim Seo-hyun (pitcher), who was reintroduced as of this year.

Among them, except for Kim Beom-soo, there are few players who have grown into a main axis member. Everyone made a splendid debut, claiming to be number one, but the reality was harsh. Perhaps the humiliation of the first pick may shift to the first pick in the rookie draft. Everything depended on Kim Seohyun’s words and actions. The illusion of a 155km fastball was shattered even before his debut match. After apologizing that day, Seohyun Kim volunteered to pitch 13 pitches in the bullpen.

An official from Hanwha said, “After the controversy, Seohyun Kim visited all the seniors participating in the camp one by one and bowed her head to apologize. In the process, she received a lot of advice from her seniors and said that she learned a lot. She said that she would stay away from social media as much as possible.”

Team leader Son Hyuk said, “It’s not important that I haven’t exercised for three days. It’s not that my physical condition is important. Reflection is important. What I show from now on is more important.” Kim Seo-hyun’s baseball life starts again from now on.

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