‘Explosion of 3rd base defense sense’ Kim Ha-seong’s multi-hit and 4th base performance with a batting average of 0.235↑… However, SD fell to 4th place with 2 consecutive losses.

San Diego Padres infielder Kim Ha-seong raised his batting average to 0.237 with a multi-hit and a big success with his first 4 on-base of the season. However, as the team lost by one point, Ha-seong Kim’s performance faded.

In the home game against the Kansas City Royals held on May 17 (local time) at Petco Park in San Diego, USA, Kim Ha-seong started as a third baseman, batting 6, and recording 2 hits, 2 walks and 1 run in 3 at-bats. The batting average for the season was raised from 0.225 to 0.235.

On this day,스포츠토토 Kim Ha-seong hit a 98.4 mile four-seam fastball on the second pitch of opponent starting pitcher Hernandez in the first at-bat after one out at the end of the second inning and scored a left-handed hit. Afterwards, Kim Ha-seong, who failed to score due to a follow-up hit, got on base again after getting a walk in the ball count 3B-1S situation from the changed pitcher Myers at the end of the 4th inning in a 1 out 1 base situation.

San Diego infielder Kim Ha-seong made his first four base hits of the season, including a multi-hit. Photo=AFPBBNews=News1
He then advanced to second base with Odor’s walk, but Kim Ha-seong failed to score again as subsequent batters struck out one after another.

At the end of the 6th inning, Kim Ha-seong produced a left-handed hit again by aiming for Tyler’s 85.1 mile slider, which had changed from the safe first base situation. A multi-hit game that came out 8 days after the Minnesota Twins match on May 9th.

Afterwards, Kim Ha-seong, who advanced to third base, stepped on the home base when Bogatz hit, and even made a score to pursue 3 to 4.

Kim Ha-seong completed the season’s first 4-on-base game by getting a walk after a full count match with the changed pitcher Chapman in the situation of one out and first base at the end of the 7th inning. However, this time, the follow-up hit did not lead to a goal. Ha-seong Kim withdrew with a ground ball to shortstop in the last at-bat after two outs at the end of the ninth inning.

Kim Ha-seong also made an impressive scene in the defense of the third baseman. Kim Ha-seong caught Eaton’s third base grounder in the first run of the 5th inning. Kim Ha-seong, who recognized second base runner Prato’s movement to advance to third base in a short time, immediately turned his body to third base and ran to tag out Prato. It was a scene that showed the perfect defensive sense to erase the runner in scoring position in a split second.

However, unlike Kim Ha-sung’s performance, San Diego lost by one point to Kansas City, 3-4. Starting pitcher Darvish was somewhat shaken with 6 hits, 6 strikeouts, 2 walks and 4 runs in 5.1 innings. Even though the team got 8 hits and 9 walks, it only scored 3 points as the batting line remained silent in the scoring position.

San Diego, who lost two games in a row with the loss that day, won the season 20-24 on the same day and lost third place to the San Francisco Giants, who won three games in a row, and then fell to fourth place in the National League West Division.

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