‘Even in the nomination of Ponpun’ IBK Kim Ho-cheol, director “I will be with Ha-kyung until the end”

IBK Industrial Bank of Korea nominated Thai national team starter Phonpun Gedpard (173cm) as the first overall pick in the 2023 KOVO (Korean Volleyball Federation) Women’s Asia Quarter Draft held at the Stanford Hotel Grand Ballroom in Sangam-dong, Seoul on the 21st. Although the probability of first place in the bead lottery was low at 14.28%, the lucky nomination opportunity came.

After the first place was confirmed, 온라인카지노coach Kim Ho-cheol got up right away and did not head to the podium as the time for the nomination approached. The last worry was long. After a minute of silence, director Kim got up from his seat and headed to the podium, calling Ponpun’s name.

After the draft, I went to the press conference and went to find coach Kim Ho-cheol, and asked the ‘meaning of one minute’ just before nomination.

Coach Kim Ho-cheol confessed, “It is true that I was worried. I was worried about a player who would harmonize with the foreign players to be selected in Istanbul in May or support them.” This was a concern that could be done because the basic trust in the Kim Ha-kyung setter system was formed.

A quick decision was needed. And she decided to recruit a setter. Prior to the nomination on this day, most clubs had the idea of ​​choosing Ponpun if the first choice came out. As soon as the opportunity to recruit a player with outstanding skills came, there was no reason to miss it. IBK Industrial Bank was the same. However, when the No. 1 ranking was confirmed, various concerns collided.

Just before leaving the Stanford Hotel, director Kim Ho-cheol emphasized, “I nominated Ponpun, but (Kim) Ha-kyung will stay with me until the end.” He confirmed twice, “I will be with Ha Kyung-i until the end.”

He said, “Off-season training will be conducted with setter Kim Ha-kyung. Last season, Ha Kyung-i went to the national team, so there was less time to match hands and feet ahead of the season. This time it is different. “he said.

This is tantamount to a notice that if Kim Ha-gyeong, the setter, continues the situation optimized for team tactics, the competition for the starting position will become very fierce. Also, as it is a 36-game system, it is essential that Kim Ha-kyung and Ponpun play together. In the midst of competition, the possibility of further development of Kim Ha-kyung was opened.

Kim Ha-gyeong was nominated by IBK Industrial Bank in the 2014-2015 rookie draft, but left the team for a while. There were many difficulties, but Kim Ha-kyung, who endured them, gritted his teeth when the opportunity to leap forward came. And he rose to where he is now.

The game that became a turning point for Kim Ha-kyung was a match against Heungkuk Life Insurance held at Samsan World Gymnasium in Incheon on January 15, 2022. Immediately after the 3-2 victory, Kim Ha-kyung, who was encouraged by manager Kim Ho-cheol, shed tears.

Since then, Hakyung Kim has grown even more. He was selected for the national team, and there were many things he felt in international competitions. In the midst of this, the Asian quarter setter Ponpun joined the team as a competitor. Kim Ha-gyeong also watched Phone Phone’s game operation at the World Championship last year, so she is determined to prepare for the season.

Coach Kim Ho-cheol emphasized, “Our team’s direction this season is fast volleyball. A player who adapts well and follows well will stand on the court.” The same goes for the setter. The competition between Kim Ha-kyung and Phonpun is expected to be a positive factor for IBK Industrial Bank.

Director Kim Ho-cheol, who nominated Phonpun, did not forget to encourage Kim Ha-kyung. He also expressed confidence. From now on, it is time for Kim Ha-kyung to respond.

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