Even after leaving the national team, Hwang Dae-heon transformed into a public relations ambassador

2022 Beijing Winter Olympic Short Track Gold Medalist Hwang Dae-heon (24, Gangwon Provincial Office) took off his tricot (competition uniform) and appeared in a suit. As a public relations ambassador, not as a player, he runs for the success of international competitions to be held in Korea.

On the 9th, the Korea Ice Skating Federation held an appointment ceremony as a PR ambassador for the 2023 International Skating Union 먹튀검증(ISU) World Short Track Championships held at the Genesis BBQ Group International Conference Room in Songpa-gu, Seoul.

The main character of the day is Hwang Dae-heon, a Korean short track speed skater who won a silver medal at the 2018 PyeongChang Winter Olympics and a gold medal at the Beijing Games last year.

Hwang Dae-heon played a big role as the number one player in Korea, but gave up the Taegeuk mark for the 2022-2023 season due to poor physical condition due to injuries after the Beijing Olympics. The World Championships are held at the end of the season after the World Cup schedule is over. A total of 260 players from 35 countries will participate in the event to be held on March 10-12 at Mokdong Ice Rink in Yangcheon-gu, Seoul, but Hwang Dae-heon, who is not qualified for the national team this season, cannot compete as a player.

The federation decided to use ‘Superstar’ Hwang Dae-heon for the success of the tournament. Hwang Dae-heon was also willing to work for a successful world championship. According to the federation, Hwang Dae-heon, who attended the event, said, “It is an honor to be appointed as an ambassador representing the big event, the 2023 ISU World Short Track Championships.” I will do my best to make it possible,” he said.

Yoon Hong-geun, president of the Korea Ice Skating Federation, said, “I am grateful that Hwang Dae-heon, who can be called the signboard of Korea’s short track speed skating, readily accepted the position of public relations ambassador for the successful hosting of the event.”

Hwang Dae-heon plans to focus on publicizing the event through social network services (SNS) and broadcasting activities during this event.

After completing his schedule, he prepares for the next season. Fans’ expectations are growing as a face-to-face match with Lin Xiaojun (Korean name Lim Hyo-jun), who has chosen to become a naturalized Chinese citizen, as well as a friendly competition with Park Ji-won (Seoul City Hall), who has recently grown rapidly, is inevitable.

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