EPL star threatened family by hooligan attack → UEFA discipline, risk of missing Conference League finals

It is predicted that West Ham United (England) players, who suffered a family attack in an away game in Alkmaar (Netherlands), will be disciplined.메이저사이트

West Ham won 1-0 in the second leg of the semifinals of the UEFA Conference League in the 2022-23 season held in Alkmaar, the Netherlands on the 19th (Korean time). West Ham won with a dramatic winning goal by Fornals in extra time in the second half, and won the second leg following the first leg of the semi-finals and succeeded in advancing to the final.

Immediately after the match between West Ham and Alkmaar, angry Alkmaar fans began to act violently. Alkmaar fans, angry at the result of the match, rushed to the away table where West Ham fans were located and attempted an attack on West Ham fans. West Ham fans were horrified by the violent behavior of Alkmaar fans charging at them. In the West Ham away table, the families and friends of the West Ham players were also seated.

British Express and others reported on the 21st that ‘the families and friends of West Ham players were targeted by Alkmaar hooligans. West Ham players, including Rice, attempted to stop the Alkmaar hooligans from breaking into the West Ham away stadium. Around 100 Alkmaar fans expressed their anger at West Ham fans. Immediately after the whistle at the end of the game, Alkmaar hooligans in black shirts ran to the away table to attack West Ham away fans,’ he introduced the situation at the time.

A West Ham fan prevented the situation from escalating by blocking the aisle of the stands and alone preventing about 100 Alkmaar fans from rushing. West Ham midfielder Rice was also spotted throwing a water bottle at Alkmaar fans.

“UEFA is under pressure to conduct an investigation into this incident,” Express said. “UEFA does not want West Ham players to miss the final, but we know that we must conduct an investigation according to the rules.” There were also concerns about the possibility of disciplinary absence. West Ham will play the conference league final against Fiorentina (Italy) on the 8th of next month.

At the time of West Ham and Alkmaar’s Conference League semifinal second leg, it was reported that the father of West Ham coach Moyes, who was over 80 years old, was also present at West Ham away. After the game, Moyes said, “A lot of the players were upset because they couldn’t see if their families were okay. I think the players reacted because they were there.” Alkmaar coach Janssen expressed regret over the incident, saying, “I am ashamed of what happened at our stadium.”

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