Dubravka must win a championship medal if his team loses to Manchester United (mail)

 It is an ironic situation. 

The 2022/23 season England Carabao Cup (League Cup) final match has been decided. It’s a match between Manchester United and Newcastle United. The two teams will decide the winning team in a single match at Wembley Stadium in London, England on the 27th안전놀이터

In this situation, there is a player who is in an ironic fate. This is Martin Dubravka (34), the goalkeeper of the Slovak national team belonging to Newcastle. According to the British media ‘Mail’ on the 3rd, Dubravka can only win the championship medal when his team, Newcastle, loses. 

The whole story is like this. Dubravka spent the first half of the year on loan to Manchester United during the transfer window last summer. He also represented Manchester United in the Carabao Cup. Dubravka returned to Newcastle in the winter transfer window.

Dubravka was unable to play for Newcastle as he played the tournament at Manchester United due to cup tie rules. The same goes for the finals. The game, of course, is not registered at all. 

In this way, Dubravka will receive a championship medal as a member of the championship when Manchester United wins, but if his team Newcastle wins, he will not receive a medal because he is not included in the list. ironic situation. 

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