Dribbling Breakthrough vs. Breakthrough with Power. Cheonan forwards Lee Chan-hyeop and Huh Seung-woo match well because they are different

Cheonan City FC’s rookie strikers Lee Chan-hyeop and Heo Seung-woo (22 years old) have many differences other than being the same age. Lee Chan-hyeop always has a playful smile on his immaculate face, while Heo Seung-woo often has a serious expression, so his tanned face looks harder. While Lee Chan-hyeop puts importance on breaking down opponents with dribbling, Heo Seung-woo puts value on hitting opponents with strength and speed. The main positions and play styles are different, but those differences create a synergistic effect that suits them better through training.

Lee Chan-hyup joined Cheonan City FC from Hanyang University. He can digest anywhere in the attacking area except for the front line, so his utilization is high. He is equipped with dribble penetration and high-accuracy crosses as his main weapons. He is in the process of finding the best way to utilize him as a second-line striker through winter field training. Heo Seung-woo came to Cheonan from the University of Ulsan. Like Hwang Hee-chan of the national team, he is known for his reckless breakthrough and goal-making ability that does not avoid physical fights. He is the right flanker as the main position, and he is a player who has shown enough scoring ability to compete for the top scorer during his college days.

Lee Chan-hyeop and Huh Seung-woo expressed their anticipation, saying, “I’ll help you” given that each other’s styles are different. The two said in unison, “We have strengths that can fill each other’s weaknesses. We are in the process of adapting to each other now, but through training, we will be able to help each other demonstrate their strengths better.” Heo Seung-woo said, “The atmosphere of the team is also the same. Even though it is a process of getting to know each other by gathering in a completely newly formed team, we are of one mind, ‘Let’s achieve good results this season’ while helping each other.”

The season resolution of the two strikers, who will debut in the pro league with Cheonan City FC this season, makes them look forward to their perfect chemistry. Heo Seung-woo said, “I feel that my mindset has changed since I came to the pro team. Even training that was difficult and hated in college, I now work harder with a sense of responsibility as a professional. Coach Nam-yeol Park and Cheonan showed interest in me and called me. I want to repay you. I don’t think of myself as a rookie. I will do my best to prepare for the season so that I can show results like a professional.” 먹튀검증

Lee Chan-hyeop said, “As Cheonan City FC is a new team challenging the pro league, I think the range of opportunities I can seize is wide. I am doing it. Every time I moved to a new team, I struggled with minor injuries, but this season I will work even harder to show only good performances without injuries.”

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