Drew Smith suspended for 10 games

 New York Mets pitcher Drew Smith is suspended from play for violating the foreign substance rule.

The Major League Baseball (MLB) Secretariat announced on the 15th (Korean time) that Smith was suspended for 10 games for violating the foreign substance rule.메이저놀이터

Previously, Smith took the mound as a relief pitcher in the 7th inning against the New York Yankees on the 13th, but failed to deceive the eyes of the referee. The referees immediately discovered that there was a foreign object on Smith’s glove and issued an ejection action.

In the end, Smith went down the mound without throwing a single pitch. Meanwhile, Smith is a key bullpen resource for the Mets, recording 3 wins, 2 losses, 8 holds, 2 saves and an ERA of 4.18 in 26 games this season.

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