Dome stadium cancelled due to typhoon…first time in 16 years ‘for spectator safety’

Nippon Professional Baseball domed games cancelled due to typhoon.

The SoftBank Hawks of Nippon Professional Baseball have cancelled their game against Rakuten at the PayPal Dome in Fukuoka, Japan, on the 9th. As Typhoon No. 6 Kanun moved north, the club announced that it was cancelling the game “in consideration of the impact on transportation and the safety of spectators.”

While the dome stadium will still be able to play the game, the cancellation was made to prevent spectators from being in danger from the typhoon as they travel to and from the ballpark.온라인카지노

Typhoon Kanun is moving northwards towards the Korean Peninsula from the southern Japanese island of Okinawa. On the 9th, the Kyushu region of Japan experienced strong winds of over 40 metres per second, with 53mm of rain falling in one hour. Japan could see record-breaking rainfall through the 11th.

Japanese media said it was the first time in 16 years that a game had been cancelled due to a typhoon at SoftBank’s home stadium, the Peipei Dome, since a game against the Orix on 2 August 2007 (then known as the Yahoo Dome).

Meanwhile, SoftBank held team training at the PayPay Dome on the same day. Fujimoto commented on the promotion of foreign hitter Despine, who has been adjusting in the second team, to the first team. Despaigne homered in two consecutive games against the Orix in the Western League on the 8th and 9th.

Fujimoto said, “When Gondo, who is playing as a designated hitter due to a nagging right knee injury, returns to defence, we will be able to promote Despaigne. Right now, Gondo is playing as a designated hitter, so he can only be a pinch-hitter.”

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