Dizziness due to collision with Doosan Kim Dae-han fence, replaced in 1 inning

Doosan Bears outfielder Kim Dae-han collided with a fence while defending and was replaced after one inning. 스포츠토토

Kim Dae-han started as the 8th hitter and right fielder against Doosan held at Seongru Jamsil Stadium on the 21st. 

Kim Dae-han collided with the fence while chasing SSG Choi Ji-hoon’s batted ball in the first inning when the match was 0-0 with no runners. The ball hit the glove and fell to the ground, resulting in a triple. 

Daehan Kim was replaced in the beginning of the second inning ahead of the defense. 

The Doosan club said, “In the course of the first defense, a slight dizziness due to a collision with a fence was replaced in order to protect the player.”

Instead, Jo Soo-haeng was put in right field. 

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